Know someone that loves their bubble tea or Boba? If you do, I’ve put together the ultimate Boba lover’s gift guide with over 350 gift ideas!

Ultimate Boba Lover's Gift Guide

This list consists of Amazon goods and Etsy goods (buy small business) and I do receive a small earnings from purchases made through the links at no additional cost to you, so I thank you!

It’s funny to think that when I first introduced my kids to Boba, they hated it. They thought those chewy balls at the bottom of the drink was weird and that one should not be chewing their drink. Fast forward several years and they can’t get enough of it and if given a chance, my kids would drink Boba everyday.

How to make tapioca balls or boba balls

In fact, my youngest son is what I would call slightly obsessed. He’s already hosted two Boba making gathering with his friends using my homemade Boba recipe and even made his own milk tea from scratch. They were planning on serving fresh Boba at their Friendsgiving, but quickly realized that making Boba from scratch is a lot of work. So, it’s safe to say they’ll probably be buying Boba and will likely just make the milk tea from scratch.

Anyway, this is a house full of Boba lovers and this Ultimate Boba Lover’s Gift Guide is sure to have something for every Boba lover. Before making any purchases, make sure to check size dimensions, especially for plushies, as the images tend to show the largest size and what you get may be significantly smaller. Also, make sure to READ the description of the items carefully and check ship times to make sure you will receive it in time. And most importantly, check seller feedback and ask the seller questions if you need to clarify anything.

I’ve broken down the Ultimate Boba Lover’s Gift Guide list into sections to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. You’ll find Boba making kits, straws, cups, clothing, accessories, home goods, and more! Now, let’s get to this massive list of over 350+ Boba related items!

Ultimate Boba Lover's Gift Guide - Straws and Cups

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Ultimate Boba Lover's Gift Guide - Clothing

Who knew Boba could be so stylish?! Show Boba love by wearing some Boba clothing. Note: Check out the Etsy seller's shops for more Boba options. Some of the clothing items come in different colors and styles.

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Ultimate Boba Lover's Gift Guide - Bags, Totes, & Pouches

It's all in the Boba bag, literally! This list has Boba themed pencil cases, pouches, backpacks, purses, lunch bags, and totes. Note: Make sure to check the size dimensions as some of the purses are on the smaller side.

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Ultimate Boba Lover's Gift Guide - Accessories

Accessorize with fun Boba jewelry, hair goods, hats, socks, and slippers. Note: Many of the hats, beanies, and socks come in different color options.

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Boba Lover's Gift Guide - Phone & Air Pod Accessories

Deck your phone and Air Pods with Boba cases and accessories.

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Ultimate Boba Lover's Gift Guide - Blankets, Pillows, & Plushies

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Ultimate Boba Lover's Gift Guide - Key Chains, Magnets, & Pins

Find aesthetic, funky, and useful Boba themed key chains, magnets, and pins

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Ultimate Boba Lover's Gift Guide - Candles, Soaps, & Bath Bombs

Love the smell of Boba? Here's a list of Boba candles, soaps, and bath bombs that will leave you with the sweet scent of your favorite Boba drink. Note: Many of these Etsy sellers make small batches and these goods sell quick! If they're sold out on the listed item, check out their shops for more Boba goodies.

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Ultimate Boba Lover's Gift Guide - Stickers

Bobafy all your things with these cool Boba s