Teen boys can be the hardest people to buy gifts for. I guess it’s because I’m not a boy and have no clue what teen boys want. To solve this problem, I went to the source and asked my two boys to make a 2017 (Updated for 2019) Teen Boy Christmas Gift Guide to help with gift giving ideas! 

2017 Teen Boy Christmas Gift Guide - fan merch, clothes, shoes, video games, and more! #giftguide #Christmas #teenager

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2017 Teen Boy Christmas Gift Guide

CLOTHING – Updated 2020

Clothing trends for teens are ever changing. Right now, adidas (pretty much anything) and graphic tees seems to be popular with teen boys. These are a few of the picks from my boys (not all items shown).

  • Fan Merch – Find out who they like and see if they have merchandise. For example, my son likes Chance the rapper and the Kinjaz dance group, who have online stores where you can buy merchandise. Many rappers, Youtube content creators, and celebs have their own merchandise, so look them up online and see if they have a shop.
  • Champion Men’s Logo Long Sleeve Sweatshirt – Nice stylish shirt for the winter/spring season. 
  • 3-Stripes Crewneck Sweatshirt  – My son said this is ‘sick’, in a good way 🙂
  • Dark Wash Hyper Stretch Denim JacketYou can’t go wrong with the classic denim jacket. This one has a bit of stretch or movement.
  • Winter 3-Stripes Pant- This pant has style and comfort rolled into one. My son says it’s like a PJ pant, which he loves.
  • MOWAK Mock Hooded Coat  – This is a long lightly padded jacket with the look of two layered jackets. This is Asian sizing, so make sure to use the measurements are a guide. My son is 5’7″, slim build and wears large tees. He bought this in a size XL and it has enough room for him to layer a hoodie under it. He probably could have gone with a large, but he likes the oversize look. Note: this probably won’t come in time for X-mas, but it may be a good gift for those with birthdays in January or February. 
  • Adidas Brilliant Basics Jacket Both my boys have jackets that are similar to this. Simple and matches everything.

SHOES – Updated 2019



  • Spotify Premium $9.99 mo. or $14.99 mo. for a family up to 6 members – While most, including my son, have the free version of Spotify, my son would love to have the premium version. His main reason is to be ad free and have unlimited skips.
  • SoundCloud Go $4.99 mo. or $9.99mo. – Similar to Spotify
  • Video streaming (Netflix or Hulu– To watch videos/movies on the go on their cell or computer/laptop/tablet.
  • Game system subscription (XBOX or Playstation) – If they have an XBOX or PS4, this allows them to play with other players from around the world on certain games.

GAMING – Updated 2019

We have a Playstation 4 system, but these are available for the XBOX too. Update 2020, Playstation 5 has been released. 


  • Sony Extra Bass Earbuds – A must have for any teen is a good set of earbuds. These Sony earbuds are affordable with great sound quality.
  • Portable Power Bank with Solar Option  – It’s always a good idea to have a back-up charger or cell phones and tablets. Charge this power bank by plugging it in or use the power of the sun for emergencies.
  • Solar Backpack  – If your kid likes to spend lots of time outdoors, this is a great option bag. It not only is water/tear resistant, it has a solar panel that can charge cell phones and tablets if needed.
  • Splurge Item Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones 
  • Bonus Stocking Suffer – If you’re a parent buying expensive gifts, you might want to pick up a Tile, which is a Bluetooth tracking device that can be attached to things you don’t want to lose. 


There you have the 2017 Teen Boy Christmas Gift Guide! I hope this long list of curated items picked by actual teen (not a magazine editor) was useful in making your teen holiday shopping easier. If you have ideas for teen boys, please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Erlene,

    You have some great ideas here and I’m so glad. As a mom of two girls I never know what to get my nephews, 13 and 21. They are also my Godsons so I like to get them a little something special. Thanks for the great ideas.