Thrift Store Swap Reveal - Holiday EditionOkay, I’m back with the last item of the Thrift Store Swap 3 Reveal! Last week, I shared two thrift store transformation tutorials on the Thrift Store Swap Reveal – Holiday Edition and gave you a sneak peek at the third item. Today, I’m excited to share the last thrift store transformation of the small framed picture that was sent to me from Lyn at Mid Michigan Mom.

If you aren’t familiar with the Thrift Store Swap, it was created by Lyn at Mid Michigan Mom as a blog craft challenge. Each blogger was given a total thrift store shopping budget of $10. Then, we mailed the thrift store items to another blogger to transform into something new! Fun, right?!

Here are the three items that Lyn sent to me – a wooden tree, a round wooden box, and a small framed picture.

Holiday Thrift Store Swap #3 Reveal

I already showed you the full transformations of the wooden tree into a Christmas Countdown Tree.

Chalk paint Christmas tree

And the round wooden box into an I Spy Snowman.

Thrift Store Swap Reveal Snowman

So today, I’m going to show you how I transformed the small framed picture into this….

Thrift Store Swap Christmas Glitter Wall ArtChristmas Glitter Wall Art 


  • small framed picture
  • black paint
  • paint brush
  • glitter – green, red, gold
  • contact paper
  • Silhouette machine
  • Mod Podge
  • 2x small eye hook
  • drill
  • wire


Since the frame color already matched my holiday color scheme, I left it ‘as is’ and did absolutely nothing to it. The picture, on the other hand, was another story and needed an update.

Christmas Glitter Wall Art stencil

The first part of the transformation was to paint over the picture with black paint. I skipped taking pictures of this step since it’s pretty self explanatory. Once the paint was dry, I chose fonts and words I liked and created a stencil using my Silhouette machine. If you don’t have a Silhouette, you can use premade stencils. Next, I placed the stencil onto the painted picture and pressed the edges of the letters to get a nice seal against the board.

Christmas Glitter Wall Art glitter application

Next, I painted Mod Podge onto the first word – Joy.

Christmas Glitter Wall Art glitter words

Then, I applied glitter to each word separately and shook off any excess glitter before moving onto the next. I used green, gold, and red glitter to highlight the words on the Christmas glitter wall art.

Drill Christmas Glitter Wall Art

When the Mod Podge and glittered words were dry, I placed the finished word art back into the frame. I could have stopped here and hung the frame on the wall, but I wanted to add this to my Christmas wreath. I needed a way to attach the frame to my wreath and drilled one hole on the top and bottom of the frame to add eye hooks. I then twisted wire through and around each eye hook.

Christmas Glitter Word Art

Finally, to secure the frame to my wreath, I twisted the wires around the metal frame and added a few decorations from last year.

The new framed glitter art gave my old Christmas wreath a totally new look and I love it!

Thrift Store Swap Christmas Glitter Word Art

If you would like to see the other Thrift Store Swap #3 transformations, visit the links below –

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