Summer is fast approaching, which means I’ll need some activities to help keep my youngest daughter occupied. If you’re looking for some teen DIY crafts for teen girls, you’re in the right place!

30+ DIY Crafts for Teen Girls

This post has been updated and now has more than 30 DIY teen girl crafts to make! You’ll find easy DIY jewelry, decor, fashion, and so much more!

DIY Crafts for Teen Girls – Summer Boredom Buster

Nowadays, most teens spend countless hours on their electronics and it’s hard to tear them away. So, anytime I can get my daughter off her phone or Playstation (she’s a gamer) to do a creative project, it’s is a win for me. Here are a few crafts that are fun to make, look great, and are useful too!

Fashion & Jewelry

These easy fashion and jewelry crafts are perfect for the girls that love to personalize their fashion and show their individuality. Perfect summer crafts that can be worn all year long.


Teen girls tend to spend loads of time in their bedrooms. These projects can help them make their bedroom space into their own special haven.

Bath & Beauty

Teenage girls love all things bath and beauty. These homemade bath and beauty items are a fun way to create unique beauty items. Note: Please do your research of the ingredients of anything you put on your body for safety.


These DIY journaling books are a great way to help teenage girls write down their thoughts and can be very therapeutic. They can use it as a daily diary or even to jot down notes.

Outdoor Projects

These outdoor projects are a great way to step away from electronics. There’s something so satisfying about getting outside and being under the sun, don’t you agree?!

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  1. Thank you for sharing so many interesting ideas with us and also for your generosity in showing the work of colleagues, I loved this initiative. My favorite was the headband from an old t-shirt.