Giant Prosperity DIY Mandala Dream Catcher

Mandala Dream Catcher

I have a slight obsession with dream catchers and have already made several Vintage Doily Dream Catchers. But when I saw the Prosperity Mandala stencil and Feathers 6-piece stencil kit on Cutting Edge Stencils, I knew I HAD to make a Giant Prosperity DIY Mandala Dream Catcher.

Giant Prosperity DIY Mandala Dream Catcher

This 24″ Prosperity Mandala stencil is part of the new Cutting Edge Mandala Stencil line. The line comes in 9 designs and 5 different sizes, ranging from 18″ to 44″ in size. Depending on the size, the cost for each stencil varies between $12.95 for a 10″ stencil to $62.95 for a 44″ stencil (this is HUGE!).

The great thing about using Cutting Edge Stencils is that you can reuse them multiple times, with different color paints, and on various surfaces. My mind is already thinking of new places to decorate using the Prosperity Mandala stencil and I see an outdoor table makeover in my future. But for now, let’s get to the Giant Prosperity DIY Mandala Dream Catcher tutorial!

Giant Prosperity DIY Mandala Dream Catcher

Mandala Dream Catcher supplies


  • 24″ Prosperity Mandala Stencil
  • Feather 6-piece Stencil Kit
  • 23″ embroidery hoop
  • 2 1/2 yd. 1″ pom poms
  • plastic backed drop cloth or fabric
  • hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Mod Podge
  • small paint brush
  • white acrylic paint
  • painter’s tape or stencil spray adhesive
  • craft cord – tan and white
  • 4-5 coordinating lace, cord, and ribbon trimmings (one roll of each)
  • wood beads
  • silver beads
  • scissors
  • pencil or water soluble sewing pen
  • extra paper/newspaper
  • drill (optional if bead openings are too small)


Mandala Stencil Prep

Prosperity Mandala Stencil

Work on a level and hard smooth surface for the best result. I worked on the floor with my cutting mat as the backing. Smooth out or iron the drop cloth and place on your work surface. If your cloth doesn’t have the plastic backing, add newspaper or cardboard in the back of the fabric to catch any paint that seeps through. Take the Mandala stencil and spray stencil adhesive to the back or use painter’s tape to secure the stencil to the drop cloth. I used painter’s tape, but I would highly recommend using spray adhesive because of the intricate Mandala design and the size of this piece.Painting Mandala Stencil

Add paint to a large container and roll the provided roller in the paint. Remove excess paint by rolling over paper or newspaper. Less paint will prevent seepage under the stencil and it’s better to build several thin layers of paint until you get the coverage you want. I wanted a bohemian look for the Mandala Dream Catcher, so didn’t worry about perfect even coverage. When the entire stencil is filled in, let it completely dry.

UPDATE 10/22/2016  – I made another large dream catcher and it is easier to use a large stencil brush to apply paint to fabric. The roller sucks up too much paint and doesn’t apply paint as evenly as with a brush.

Cutting Edge Stencil Feathers

Feather 6-piece Stencil Kit

Tape the feather stencils onto the drop cloth. Use the provided stencil brush to apply paint, making sure to remove excess paint before applying to the stencil. Again, since I wanted a variation is paint coverage, I layered more paint to some areas and less paint in others. I made one of each stencil and two extra stencils small feather stencils (eight total). Let the paint completely dry.

Paint both rings of the embroidery hoop. Let dry.

Cutting out stencil designs

Mandala stencil – Center the inner embroidery hoop on the design and use a pencil or sewing pen to trace a circle around the inside of the hoop and onto the mandala design. This will be a placement guide. Then cut out the Mandala design by using the outside of the design as your cutting guide.

Feather stencils –  Cut around each feather, leaving a 1/8″ edge. Add random cuts into each painted feather to allow for movement and to mimic a real feather.

Glitter stencil

Apply sparkle Mod Podge to the painted areas of each feathers and onto the cut edges to prevent fraying. Do the same for the Mandala design, but skip the outside edge as this will be covered by the outside hoop ring.

Attaching Mandala hoop

Work in small sections and glue the Prosperity Mandala design to the inner hoop by using the traced markings as a guide. When the Mandala is secure to the hoop, add the outside hoop and tighten. Since the design is 24″ and the hoop is 23″, a small part of the design will be hidden by the outside hoop. Glue pom pom trim to the outside outer edge of the hoop.

Adding bead and feathers

To create the bottom portion of the dream catcher, use 4-5 coordinating ribbon/cords. Decide on the length, ribbon order, and beads you want to use. I started with the center ribbon and worked my out. I used a white craft ribbon and added beads, two stenciled feathers, and glued one end of the cord to the back of the embroidery hoop(see picture). I continued decorating each ribbon/cord by varying the bead placements, adding knots for visual interest, and periodically adding the stenciled feathers. I also tied leftover pom poms onto the white lace crochet trim to help bring the look together. In the end, I had 19 cords hanging at the bottom of the dream catcher.


  • Add tape to the end of ribbons/cord to make it stiffer and easier to string through bead holes.
  • If the bead holes are too small, you may need to use a drill to make them larger.
  • Vary bead and feather placement to add interest.
  • If you don’t like the look, don’t be afraid to remove the ribbon/cord to rearrange the placement.

Giant Prosperity DIY Mandala Dream Catcher

Here it is hanging in my oldest daughter’s room. It goes perfect with the rest of her decor and I plan on creating a colored version for her younger sister too!

If you would like to create your own Giant Prosperity DIY Mandala Dream Catcher, head over to Cutting Edge Stencils and order your own Prosperity Mandala Stencil!

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  1. This is BEAUTIFUL! I love all the white on white. And the mandala pattern is just amazing. Using a stencil is such a great idea. I’ve only recently learned about mandalas, and this is a really striking example of one. Great job, and thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. What a beautiful piece of home decor! I love the color scheme that you used for the dream catcher. I am not crafty, so I enjoy seeing what other people create.

  3. My goodness, that looks like a stunning DIY work and the output looks absolutely great. I can see it is lot of work which involves more supplies and honestly you need more patience to create one such master piece. Great job!

  4. I love your step by step pictures. That really helps me when I am trying to recreate a design, Love how it turned out and the dream catcher looks beautiful on your wall.

  5. Oh wow! There is nothing more lovely than this! It’s absolutely beautiful and it would be nice to recreate this. I love the idea and it’s also great when you decide to make it colorful or have an ombre effect.