Have a high school graduation party to throw? Here is FREE, How Well Do You Know the Graduate?, printable graduation game!

Free Printable Graduation Game

Party Graduation Game – How Well Do You Know the Graduate?

How to play:

The graduation game, can be played in three ways.

  1. First way to play – Score the ‘fill in the blanks’ and ‘circle the best answers’ separately and have a winner for each portion. Two winners.
  2. Second way to play – Have an overall winner with the highest score for both portions. One winner.
  3. Third way to play – Combine both ways of play. Score each section with two winners per section. Then, combine the two scores for an overall winner. This would give three people a chance to win.

Get the FREE Graduation Game —>>> HERE. Download the zip file and print out the colored page of your choice. The page borders come in various colors – red, orange, blue, purple, gold, grey, black, and plain borders. Make sure to print test a page and make any adjustments as needed.

Need another game? Get the Graduation Word Search —>>HERE.

Prize Ideas:

Besides the obvious cash gift, here are a few other ideas that would be useful for dorm bound graduates.

Hope you enjoy the FREE Graduation Game printable. If you have suggestions for questions to add, leave it in the comments below.

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