This month, I’ve joined the May Upcycle Challenge to transform paper, wood, or cardboard into something new. So of course, this was the perfect challenge to transform a disassembled wooden bead necklace into DIY Wooden Bead Dangle Earrings.

DIY Wooden Bead Dangle Earrings

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DIY Wooden Bead Dangle Earrings

The wooden beads used in this tutorial were from a thrift store bead necklace. I originally planned to to make a bead lei, but I hated the way it looked. So, the beads have been sitting in a plastic bag for a little over a year in my craft stash. Thanks to this challenge, I now have new wooden bead dangle earrings for the spring/summer season! 

DIY Wooden Bead Dangle Earrings Supplies


  • fishing line
  • 2 – flat nose pliers
  • scissors
  • 2 – 5mm gold round beads
  • 2 – 3/8″ wooden beads
  • 2 – gold crimp covers
  • 4 – 25mm gold tubes
  • 2 – gold fish hook earrings


View the video tutorial at the end of these directions.

Wooden Bead Dangle Earrings Items

Stringing beads onto fishing line

In this order, string a gold tube, gold bead, wooden bead, gold bead, and tube onto the fishing line. 

Note: I tried using stretch bead cord, but it was too large for the crimp bead hole. Fishing line works best for this tutorial. 

Add crimp bead cover to wooden bead dangle earrings

Cut the fishing line, leaving at least 2″ of extra line on each side. Slide both ends of the fishing line through the bottom of the crimp bead cover. Adjust the 5mm gold round beads to sit right next to the wooden bead hole. Then, take the ends of the fishing line and tie a simple knot, making sure the crimp bead cover is flush to the ends of the tubes. 

Fishing line double knot

To make sure the knot doesn’t come loose, tie another knot by looping one end several times through the knot hole before tightening. 


Cut any excess fishing line as close to the knot as possible. Gently close the crimp bead cover to hide the knot.

Before adding this to the fish hook earrings, you’ll need to twist the eyes of the fish hook earrings to face forward. I forgot to take photos of this part, so watch the video to see how it’s done. Once this is done, add the earring bottoms to the fish hook earrings. Repeat all the steps to complete the second earring.

closeup of wooden bead dangle earrings

I love the way these DIY Wooden Bead Dangle Earrings came out. In less than 10 minutes, I have a new pair of spring/summer earrings! 

DIY Wooden Bead Dangle Earrings Video Instructions

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  1. I am in love with these earrings. These look so expensive. I am going to try my hand at these. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. They are so pretty and classy.
    I always keep the beads from old necklaces and intend to make them into something new. It happens occasionally but you’ve reminded me how quick and easy it is!

  3. They feel so beachy. Or is that me? I think you did a fabulous job lady. Posted to my Jewelry Bohemian board and tweeted using your tweet widget thingy. I need the tweeter. And the earrings. LOL