Looking for a creative outlet? Get your craft cravings satisfied with a Craft-Ease Glow Diamond Painting Kit.

Glow Diamond Painting Kit - Harmonie

I’m so excited to share my Craft-Ease Harmonie Glow Diamond Painting unboxing and demo (skip to the bottom of the post for a video unboxing and quick demo). I’ve seen diamond painting before and have always wanted to try it, but I always skipped it because I thought there were too many components to purchase. Little did I know, everything I needed is already included in the Craft-Ease diamond painting kits, which makes getting started super easy.

If you love or know someone that loves a creative outlet, diamond painting is a fun way to decompress and relax while creating a beautiful crystalline art piece. Use my affiliate link and special discount code (MYPIN-20) for 20% off your order.

What is Diamond Painting?

In very simple terms, Diamond painting is the process of applying diamond drills (flat back faceted gems) to a canvas with a poured glue adhesive over top of it. In other words, the art is printed on the canvas and a sticky adhesive glue is applied over the artwork that the diamond drills will stick to.

The best thing about diamond painting is that anyone can do it. You don’t need to be an artist to be able to do diamond art painting. Craft-Ease has even rated the diamond painting kits into categories from easy, average, and difficult. Everything you need is included in the Glow Diamond Painting Kits AND everything is already planned out for you. All you need to do is be able to apply the diamond drills onto the predetermined labelled spots on the canvas. Of course, if you want to create a custom diamond painting using a personal photo/image, Craft-Ease can help with that too!

Prepping for Glow Diamond Painting

Harmonie Glow Diamond Painting Kit Tools

The Craft-Ease kits come with everything needed to start diamond painting. Before beginning, remove all the items from the box. Included in each kit is a poured glue canvas (sticky adhesive on the canvas), diamond drills, two application pens, tweezers, diamond drill tray, gums (wax), and a sticker canvas guide chart (can be used to label containers for diamond drills).

Flattening glow diamond painting canvas

Since the canvas comes rolled up, it might not lay flat and will curl up. You’ll want to get the canvas as flat as possible to make application of the diamond drills easier. The easiest and quickest way to flatten the canvas is to reverse roll it. If that doesn’t work, head to the Craft-Ease blog for alternative options like pressing it down with heavy objects or dry ironing.

Pushing gum into diamond painting pen applicator

Once the canvas is flat, prep the application pens by pushing the tips into the gum (wax). The gum will make it easy to pick up the diamond drills. For places with large areas of the same diamond drill color, use the multi-tip ends to place multiple diamond drills at one time.

Start Diamond Painting

Peel away plastic protective cover

Next, decide where to start applying diamond drills to the canvas. I suggest right-handed people start at the upper or lower right corner and left-handed people start in the left upper or lower corner. Starting this way will allow your hand to naturally rest without getting stuck in the canvas glue.

In the chosen area you want to work on, peel a small section of the protective plastic to uncover the poured glue. Do not remove the entire plastic, but rather in small sections as you work on the canvas. You can cut away the plastic cover over the sections that are completed, but I left mine on until I was done with the entire piece.

Glow diamond painting application pen

Now, it’s time to start! Using the canvas guide, match up the drill packet numbers to the canvas. Cut open the tip of the bag and pour some of the diamond drills into the tray, trying not to overfill the tray. Gently shake the tray to get the diamond drills flat and lined up in the tray grooves. Then, take the applicator pen and use the tip to pick up the diamond drill(s) and place it on the canvas. And that’s it! I worked on the canvas for about 2-4 hours a day and it took about a week to finish.

Completed Harmonie Diamond Painting

For a short demo and to see what the finished Harmonie Glow Diamond Painting looks like sparkling in the sun and at night, watch the video below.

And don’t forget to use my affiliate link and special discount code (MYPIN-20) for 20% off. Craft-Ease not only sells licensed diamond painting kits, but also has paint by numbers and can create custom works with your personal images. I think these would make fantastic gifts for any creative on your gift giving list (It took about a week for me to receive this once I was notified of shipping).

Video Glow Diamond Painting Unboxing & Demo

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