Affiliate disclosureIt’s November and that means it’s time for the 2018 Ornament Exchange Link Party, where you’ll find tons of handmade ornament tutorials! This year, I was partnered with Beverly from Across the Blvd., who has a coastal tree! Since I’m doing a simple coastal tree this year, I was really excited to create this DIY Hoop Coral Beach Ornament for her tree – I hope she likes it!

DIY Hoop Coral Beach Ornament

Coastal or Beach themed Christmas Ornament - DIY Hoop Coral Sea Glass Ornament. Click to Tweet

DIY Hoop Coral Beach Ornament  

DIY Hoop Coral Beach Ornament


  • embroidery hoop
  • optional – black and brown acrylic paint
  • craft blue
  • hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • sand
  • various small shells
  • tumbled glass
  • faux plastic coral
  • Mod Podge
  • small paint brush
  • aqua mesh ribbon
  • dura-lar (clear plastic)
  • pencil and cardboard (cereal box)
  • burlap ribbon

How to:

Painting the embroidery hoopsOptional – Separate the embroidery hoop. Add black and brown paint to a paint palette and water down. Brush on a mix of brown and black paint all over the hoops. Let the paint sit on the hoops and then wipe off. This will ‘stain’ the hoops to give it a weathered look. Repeat these steps if you want a darker color on the hoops. Let the paint dry and put the hoop back together.

Dry fit sea glass onto the front of the embroidery hoop. When you’re happy with the arrangement, start to glue the glass onto the hoop. Both hot glue and craft glue can be used, but I prefer craft glue as it gives you more time to move things around if needed.


Add coral and shells to the DIY Hoop Coral Beach Ornament

Cut off two or three pieces of faux coral. One piece will go on the sea glass and one or two will go inside the hoop.

Use hot glue to add one coral piece to the left side of the hoop. Add more glue and add some shells. Add the remaining coral pieces by placing a glob of hot glue inside of the hoop, just slightly to the right of the front coral. Push the other coral pieces into the glue and hold in place until the glue is set.

Add sand

Use the tip of the hot glue gun to remelt some of the glue and add more glue. Press one or two more shells to cover the coral base inside of the hoop. When dry, paint on Mod Podge to cover the glue inside of the hoop. Sprinkle sand onto the Mod Podge and let dry.

Adding the backing to the DIY Hoop Coral Beach Ornament

When I originally made this, I used a felt tip pen to trace a circle using the hoop. Unfortunately, this left ink on my hoop. To prevent this, place the hoop onto cardboard and trace around it using pencil. Cut out the traced circle. This cardboard circle will be the template to cut out a clear Dura-lar circle and a mesh ribbon circle.

Next, add craft glue to the back of the hoop ornament and spread into a thin coat using your finger. Then, add the mesh ribbon and then place the clear Dura-lar over it. Press down to make sure the glue touches the ribbon and Dura-lar. Let dry.

Add ribbon to the DIY Hoop Coral Beach Ornaments

Add a ribbon loop to the top of the hoop. Create a separate bow and glue it onto the ribbon loop. Trim as needed.

Now all you need to do is hang it on your tree!

Make sure to check the 2018 Ornament Exchange Link Party for more handmade Christmas ornament tutorials! 


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  1. Oh wow, Erlene talk about original and UNIQUE Christmas ornament… This is absolutely gorgeous and so so creative… Love everything about it!!!! #2018ornamentexchange