Think you can name colleges that begin with each letter of the alphabet? If you can, here’s a fun FREE Graduation Game Printable, the College Name Game, for some graduation party entertainment.

Free Printable Graduation College Name Game

A few years ago, I shared a few free graduation game printables (I’ll link them all below), so I thought it was time to share a new graduation game for 2022.

Since a lot of high school students head to college, they’ve probably researched and applied to several institutions. But did you know there are around 25,000 colleges/universities worldwide?! That’s a lot of learning going on!

College Name Game is a Free Graduation Game Printable
Click image to download Collge Name Game Printable

This is a FREE graduation game printable. It was made for personal use and should not be copied and sold. Okay, lets get to the game play!

Supplies for Game Play:

Link to download the graduation game printable >>> College Name Game Printable

  • Printer
  • Printer paper
  • Pens or Pencils
  • Timer (Cell Phone or Watch)
  • Optional – Prizes

How to Play the College Name Game:

Use the list of worldwide schools at UniRack to verify colleges and universities. This list has recognized colleges, universities, and various higher education institutions around the world with the country it’s located in.

Individual Play

  • Give all players a pen/pencil.
  • Put on a timer for 5 minutes and have players write down a college or university that starts with each alphabet.
  • Winner is the player with the most legitimate college/universtiy names at the end of the timer.

Group Play (for large groups)

  • Divide players into groups or teams. Give one player of the group a pen/pencil.
  • Put on a timer for 5 minutes and the person with the pen/pencil should write down the college names that starts with each alphabet for the team.
  • The team with the most legitimate college/university names at the end of 5 minutes wins!

Prize Ideas:

Since this is a game about college names, here’s a few game prize ideas that a graduate might need.

Now, in case you’re wondering, there are schools that begin with the letters U, V, X, & Z! Can you name a few?

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