Here’s another graduation party game for 2022! Today’s FREE graduation party game is the Career Name Game.

Graduation Party Game - Career Name Game

This graduation party game is perfect for both high school and college graduation parties. The Career Name Game is all about naming different jobs that start with each letter of the alphabet.

Now, if you graduated high school and aren’t sure what career path to take, this game might be a fun way to view all the career options. If you’re a college graduate, this list might help you see all the careers you can use your new degree for!

Career Name Game for Graduation Parties
Click on image to download the game.

This is a free graduation game printable for personal use. Please do not copy to sell.


How to Play Career Name Game?:

Individual Play

  • Give all players a pen/pencil.
  • Put on a timer for 5 minutes and have players write down a career that start with each alphabet.
  • Winner is the player with the most career names at the end of the timer.

Group Play (for large groups)

  • Divide players into groups or teams. Give one player of the group a pen/pencil.
  • Put on a timer for 5 minutes and the person with the pen/pencil should write down career names that start with each alphabet for the team.
  • The team with the most legitimate career names at the end of 5 minutes wins!

Prize Ideas:

If you plan on giving out graduation game prizes, besides money, here are a few things a newly graduated person might need.

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