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Gallery Glass Sea Art

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been making a lot of coastal crafts that remind me of Hawaii. I’ve already added a DIY Aloha Seashell Pineapple Sign, Seashell Pineapple Jar, a License Plate Wall Art, and now I’m adding Gallery Glass Sea Art to my Hawaiian coastal theme decor.

Gallery glass

This bottle of Gallery Glass paint, which is used to create a stained glass look, has been sitting in my craft box for about a year. I can’t remember what I purchased it for, so this project was a ‘let’s see if this works’ craft idea that happened to come out great!

Gallery Glass Sea Art Bottles

Here is my first trial project with the Gallery Glass ↑↑↑. Many Gallery Glass projects use a liquid lead paint to contain the colored glass paint, but I found that the colored Gallery Glass paint was thick enough to stay put without the liquid lead paint – score! Instead, I used a Sharpie paint pen to make a dotted picture of my sea creatures and filled it in with the Gallery Glass paint.

Gallery Glass Sea Art

I’m thinking about a coastal Christmas, so I’ll show the technique I used on the glass bottles on a clear plastic ornament.


  • Gallery Glass #17049 Aqua
  • Sharpie silver or gold paint pen
  • Clear plastic or glass 3″ ornament/glass bottles
  • ribbon or trim

Gallery Glass Sea Art Ornament

Gallery Glass Sea Art Directions:

  • Decide on your image – I decided to make three jellyfishes in various sizes around the clear ornament. If you aren’t comfortable with free-hand drawing, print out sea creature shapes and apply the cut-out shapes onto your glass/plastic surface to trace.
  • Use a Sharpie pen to draw the image onto your ornament. I used dots to create an outline of my image, but you can use solid lines too.
  • Fill in the drawing with Gallery Glass paint. Tip: To help get trapped air out of the bottle, squeeze out a little bit of paint before applying the tip of the bottle to your image. If you see large air bubbles, use a needle or the bottle tip to pop them.

Gallery Glass Sea Art Ornament wet paint

  • For each image, let the Gallery Glass paint dry for several hours – the paint will turn transparent. Tip: Keep the painted surface as flat as possible. I used a small ramekin to keep the painted side of the ornament upright.

Dry Gallery Glass Sea Art Ornament

  • Add a few more accent dots onto the dried Gallery Glass paint.
  • Add ribbon as an ornament hanger and it’s ready to hang!

Gallery Glass Sea Art Bottles

Here is another close-up of the Gallery Glass Sea Art on some recycled Starbucks glass bottles ↑↑↑.

Have you ever used Gallery Glass?

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  1. Adorable! I love that the sharpie shows through the dried paint once it’s all dry too! Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Virtual Refrigerator. Pinned.