Today, I’m sharing another free printable game to play during a graduation party – graduation word search!

Graduation Word Search Printable

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Graduation Word Search Game

I hate using up printer ink, so I kept this graduation word search printable simple. The borders are the same colors as the ‘How Well Do You Know the Graduate?’ printable, which you can also print for free. You can choose red, green, blue, plain, yellow, purple, grey/silver, and black borders. Always do a test print and make adjustments before doing multiple prints.

Download the Graduation Word Search Game Zip File —>>> HERE. NOTE: This is a zip file that will need to be downloaded and then you can open each printable file. 

How to play:

This graduation word search game has words in horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and backward positions.

  • Version 1 game play – The person who can find ALL the words first is the winner. Optional – have a runner up.
  • Version 2 game play – Put on a 2-3 minute timer and the person who finds the most words is the winner.
  • Give everyone a highlighter, pen, or pencil to put a line through or circle the words.

Prize Ideas:

Besides the obvious cash gift, here are a few other gift ideas that would be useful too.

Enjoy the printable!

Free Printable Graduation Game

Fluffy money lei completed

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  1. hi erlene
    i love this. sharing on the weekend edit. goes live by noon on saturdays! i have a graduate so i love this even more, laura (formerly not a trophy wife). Now at everyday edits dot co