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Easiest Eyelash Yarn Lei

Sorry it’s been so quiet on the blog lately. It’s been a little crazy at our house with all the end of the school year events happening all at once. I’ve been busy with my daughter’s senior prom, son’s sports day physical, getting stuff for end of the year field trips, band concerts, and more graduation stuff! Whew, who knew the end of the school year would be busier than the beginning?! Anyway, since I have a small lull in the activities, I wanted to share another lei that I’ve been working on for my girls, the easiest eyelash yarn lei, which makes a beautiful graduation keepsake gift.

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Eyelash Yarn Lei

Unlike flower leis, an eyelash yarn lei can be keep for years and be customized to any school color(s). In fact, I still have leis that my grandmother made for me, which reminds me of her every time that I look at them. And just in case you’re a visual learner, there’s a video at the end!


  • 3 skeins of eyelash yarn in your choice of colors
  • 1 large boba straw
  • 3/8″ gross grain ribbon
  • tape
  • scissors
  • optional – 1″ gross grain ribbon in coordinating color.


ribbon through straw
  • Measure and cut the length of gross grain ribbon to achieve the length of lei needed. I put the ribbon around my neck and measure it down to my navel and add about 6″ – 8″ extra to the length to tie it off.
  • Run one end of the gross grain ribbon through the straw and tape it to the outside of the straw.
  • Tie a knot at the other end, about 3″ from the end. Do not tie this knot too tight, as it is just to hold the yarn from slipping off the end. This will be untied at the end.
tie eyelash yarn lei yarns
Image shows only two yarns, but use three yarns.
  • Find the ends of each eyelash yarn and tie all three onto the gross grain ribbon. Make sure the knot can slide up and down the ribbon and push it up to the end of the straw.
eyelash yarn lei beginning
  • Holding the knot at the end of the straw with one hand, begin twirling the yarn around the straw with the other. Leave the width of the straw space between each wrap.
  • When the top of the straw is reached, push down the wraps to just the end of the straw.
  • Continue wrapping and pushing down the wraps. When the the wraps begin to get tight and bunch up, carefully push them slightly down the ribbon. Continue this until the entire length of the ribbon is covered.
Tie ends of eyelash yarn lei
  • When the end or length of lei is achieved. cut the eyelash yarn and make a knot with the ribbon.
  • Undo the knot at the other end and tie the two ribbon ends together. Cut to hide the ribbon.
  • Push together the eyelash yarn to cover the knot.
The Easiest Eyelash Yarn Lei
  • Optional – Make a loop bow to tie at the connection.
completed eyelash yarn lei

Here are a few of the leis made using this technique. I love that this is such an easy way to make eyelash yarn leis and will be a forever graduation keepsake.

Eyelash Yarn Lei Video Tutorial

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  1. YES! I was just thinking how busy the end of the school year is… the last few weeks have been NUTS around here. My kids have 1 half day left!!! Thank you for sharing this, I need to remember this keepsake craft for when my son graduates (8th grade only!!) in a few years!!