12 Days of Christmas with 12 Family Friendly Party Games

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12 Family Friendly Christmas Party Game Ideas

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Let’s get right to it. Here are 12 Family Friendly Party Games. Most links take you to even more games as well as the instructions for these.

Pin The Carrot On the Snowman Game

Pin the Carrot on the Snowman

Pin The Carrot on the Snowman. The link no longer works, but you get the idea. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, you’re trying to pin the nose on the snowman. 

Pink Elephant Slinky Game

Pink elephant Slinky Game

Pink Elephant Slinky Game

The object of the game is to get your slinky to sit in place on your forehead. Attach the slinky to a wide headband. Perfect game for those with a competitive spirit.

Junk in the Trunk is a game loaded with laughter!

Junk in the trunk game

Junk in the Trunk Game

Two Truths and a Lie (Ice breaker game)


  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Hard surface for writing would be nice, like clip boards

Have all of the guests write down three facts about themselves, 2 truths and 1 lie.

Go around the room, one at a time, having each guest read aloud the 3 things they have written down.

One at a time, the remaining guests will guess which fact is the lie. Those who guess the lie correctly achieve 1 point. The guest with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Complete the process with one person before moving on to the next.

The Toilet Paper Game (Icebreaker Game)

Need: 1 roll of toilet paper

As guest arrive, have them tear off as many sheets of toilet paper as they may need to play a game. Don’t tell them what the game is about. Just tell them to tear off as many sheets as they think they may need.

Once everyone has arrived, have them all sit in one room together, preferably facing one another. Explain the rules of the game. We will go around the room one at a time and tell something about ourselves. However many sheets of toilet paper you have are how many facts you must share about yourself.

Baby Rattle Game


To transfer all the gum balls from one bottle to the other before your opponent. Can be played in teams.


  • 4 clean empty 2 ltr. bottles
  • Duct tape
  • Enough gumballs to fill 2 bottles half full

How to play

Fill 2 bottles half full with gumballs. Place the bottle with gumballs on a table. Tape an empty bottle onto the one with the gumballs at the spout such that the gumballs can be transferred though the 2 spouts. Repeat with second set of bottles. You will have 2 sets for competitions.

Have contestants pick up the bottles with the gumball bottle on the bottom. They will turn them over and begin to shake the gumballs into the empty bottle. The winner completes the task first. Can be played as a relay team game.

Hanky Panky Game

Need: Multiple boxes of tissue (160 per box) depending on how many people will be playing.


In this game the goal is to completely empty a box of 160 tissues before your competitor.

How to play

To accomplish this, you must pull each tissue from the box one at a time until the box is empty. Tissue boxes are filled so that after one tissue is pulled the next one becomes available to pull, keep that pattern running smoothly for the win!

Have a big bag handy to clean up the mess!

Reindeer Antler GameThe reindeer antler gameThe Reindeer Antler Game

Paper Plate Game

Paper plate game

Paper Plate Game

Pom pom Snowballs Snowman Game

Pom Pom Snowman Game

Pom pom Snowballs Snowman Game

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