It’s the last Pinterest Challenge of 2018 and I’m excited to share a fun holiday game, the Christmas Bingo Gift Exchange Game.

Christmas Bingo Gift Exchange Game

The purpose of the monthly Pinterest Challenge is to not just pin, but create or get inspired by the pins on Pinterest. If you missed the past Pinterest Challenge posts, you can find the links below:

Christmas BINGO Gift Exchange Game

During the holidays, my husband’s side of the family has a tradition of playing a game called Spoons, a fast paced game of grabbing spoons. This game gets a bit rough since there is always one less spoon to people and the person without a spoon loses. Now, this game can get a bit rough. In fact, blood has been drawn through accidental nail scratching while trying to grab a spoon. So usually, this game is only played by older teens and adults, while the younger kids do a craft activity. While Spoons is a fun game, this Christmas Bingo Gift Exchange Game is a safer alternative that everyone can play without fear of bodily harm 🙂

What pin inspired this game? My own! I’ve been slowly creating free Bingo printables for each holiday and based this printable on a past design of my New Year’s Bingo Printable from 2018, which I’ve updated for 2019! So if you need a Bingo game for 2019, grab this free printable too!

FREE Christmas Bingo Gift Exchange Game Printable. Click to Tweet
First two cards of the Christmas BINGO Gift Exchange Printable


This game will require a printer, scissors or paper cutter, printer cardstock paper, and mini marshmallows (substitute with Bingo markers, glass flat back marbles, pennies, or any other space marker).

How to play:

  • Each person playing will have to bring a wrapped gift. All gifts should be placed together in one area. You can set the spending limit per gift or just let everyone bring what they want. Examples of gifts: coffee cards, boxes of candy, toilet paper, paper towels, mugs, blanket, house slippers/socks, Amazon or store gift cards, hot cocoa gift set, etc…
  • Print out the Bingo cards and call numbers. Cut the Bingo cards in half and cut out all the call numbers. Get the FREE Christmas BINGO Gift Exchange Game Printable >>>> HERE. *These printables are for personal use only. Please do not  sell these.*
  • One person will be picking and calling out one number at a time – i.e. “B1”. When a person has the matching number, they should mark it off with their mini marshmallows. When someone gets a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line, they should call out ‘Bingo’ to win – click HERE for other ways to play Bingo. Once the numbers are verified, that person can pick a prize and is done playing. The remaining players keep playing until everyone wins a prize!

Enjoy the Free printable and have a happy holidays! For more holiday party game ideas, click HERE.

Now let’s see what other things Pinterest inspired! Head over and visit the other hosts to see what they crafted, cooked, built, or tried!

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  1. What a great idea! I just saw an airport bingo card game too, to play while doing all the traveling. It’s such a good practice to make things fun wherever you go.

    Thanks for organizing the Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop.

  2. We love a good game or two at Christmas, we usually end up playing charades or pictionary unless someone has a new game for us to try. This sounds like lots of fun, the mini marshmallows for the bingo is brilliant!