International Bacon Day Recipe Celebration 2014

International Bacon Day Roundup

Thanks to all the August participants on the Merry Monday Link Parties, I have a bunch of recipes to share on this International Bacon Day
Recipe Celebration 2014! Everyone had such wonderful recipes that I decided to feature all of them :-) If you missed linking up the Merry Monday Parties, don’t worry. Add your bacon recipe to the inlinkz linkup at the end of this post.

Now, nobody knows who started this International Bacon Day and it’s not even a real International holiday, but do we really need a designated day to celebrate bacon? Of course not! But before we get to the bacon recipes, let’s look at some fun facts about bacon…

Bacon Fun Facts

  • Supposedly, bacon is one of the oldest cured meats around. In fact, the Chinese were preserving and salting pork bellies as early as 1500 B.C.
  • The word “bacon” has its roots in a combination of French and Germanic dialects.
  • The unofficial International Bacon Day is celebrated on the Saturday before Labor Day.
  • Americans eat about 18 lbs. of bacon a year!
  • The phrase “bring home the bacon” can be traced back to 12th century England. In a town called, Dunmow, the English church promised to give any man a side of bacon if could swear before the congregation that had not quarreled with his wife for a year and a day. Hmm…if that was the only way to get bacon in the present world, I bet there would be many baconless homes.
  • Holy smokes! 1 tsp. of bacon grease contains 38 calories and is around 40% saturated fat, so please eat bacon in moderation :-)

Now that you’re armed with some bacon knowledge, are you ready for some bacon overload? Let’s get to it!

Bacon Appetizers & Sides

  1. Chili Spiced Bacon @How to Pinch A Penny
  2. Potato Pizza @With A Blast
  3. Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates @So Much To Make
  4. BBQ Baked Beans @Balm to my Soul
  5. Chocolate Bacon @How to Pinch A Penny
  6. Maple-Balsamic Brussels Sprouts with Bacon @Sweet and Savory Spence
  7. Sriracha Bacon @How to Pinch A Penny
  8. Cinnamon Brown Sugar Bacon @How to Pinch A Penny
  9. Grilled Sweet Peppers Wrapped in Bacon @Home Is Where the Heart Is
  10. Bacon Appetizer @Wine Lady Cooks

Bacon Salads

  1. Mango Pecan Salad with Orange Vinaigrette @So Much To Make
  2. Quick Simple Pasta Salad - BLT Pasta Salad @The Coupon Challenge
  3. Chopped Salad w/Avocado Buttermilk Dressing@Sweet and Savory Spence
  4. Hot Bacon Slaw @Heidi’s Wanderings

Bacon Dips & Spreads

  1. Gifts from the Kitchen, Bacon Jam @The Painted Apron
  2. Sun-Dried Tomato and Bacon Spread @Anderson + Grant
  3. Bacon Relish @Kitchen Dreaming
  4. Bacon and Ranch Cheese Ball @Anderson + Grant
  5. Creamy Corn Dip with Bacon, Tomato and Green Chiles @The Painted Apron
  6. Bacon Jam, The Best Christmas Gift Ever! @Denverista

Made #5 and my kids LOVED it with crackers. I used a can of diced tomatoes w/green chiles in it. Will be making this again.

Bacon Breakfast

  1. Time Saving Tuesday Baked Bacon @O Taste and See
  2. Bacon Chive Cornbread Waffles @Sustaining the Powers
  3. Bacon Wrapped French Toast @Joybee, What’s For Dinner
  4. Scrambled Egg Rolls @3GLOL

Bacon Lunches

  1. Chicken Bacon and Green Chile Pizza @Ms. enPlace
  2. Ranch Chicken Club Pizza @What’s Cookin in the Burbs
  3. Bacon Ranch Avocado Boats @Craving Some Creativity
  4. Garlic Ranch Pizza with Bacon @Somebody’s Dinner
  5. Chicken Bacon Ranch Hoagies @Balm to my Soul
  6. Bacon Swiss Quiche @O Taste and See

Bacon Dinners

  1. Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Bacon @O Taste and See
  2. Western Chicken @Balm to my Soul
  3. Tony’s He-man Chili @Ms. enPlace
  4. Avocado Tomato Chicken @This and That
  5. Sheperd’s Pie with Bacon @Happy House and Home
  6. Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Chicken @O Taste and See
  7. Bacon Chili @Organized Island 
  8. Bacon Cheese BBQ Chicken @O Taste and See
  9. Shrimp in Bacon Blankets @Ms. enPlace

Tried #6 & #8, the trick to these is to not overcook your chicken and use a lot of BBQ sauce.

Bacon Desserts

  1. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies @Fearlessly Creative Mammas
  2. Perfect Cream Scones @That Recipe
  3. Bacon Pecan Maple Sticky Buns @Joybee, What’s for Dinner

All these recipes look so wonderful. What recipe(s) do you want to try from  the International Bacon Day Recipe Celebration 2014 roundup?

If you have a recipe you’d like to share, link it up to this bacon recipe link-up. I will leave it open until the end of September!

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