Over 50 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

50-Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes - A recipe round-up of some of the most creative recipe ideas for using up leftover turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Have you ever had Thanksgiving leftover overload? It’s caused by eating too much turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes that you just can’t eat any more of it. Eating the same thing for days can sometimes be difficult, but before you let your leftovers go to waste, think about this…

  • Americans waste 40% of the food we bring home
  • 870 million people don’t have enough food to eat
  • Average American family tosses out 20 lbs. of food each month
  • Wasting food also means we are wasting the resources used to produce it (water, energy, and more)

Shocking isn’t?! So, to help us do better and not waste the food that we’ve been blessed with, how about remaking it into something new! Here are 50 recipes that help us use leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce in some very creative ways.

Leftover TurkeyThanksgiving-Turkey-Leftover-Recipes

When I have leftover turkey, I usually just make turkey sandwiches or pot pie. What are you favorite ways to use up leftover turkey?

Leftover Mashed PotatoesThanksgiving-Mashed-Potatoes-Leftover-Recipes

It’s rare that we ever have any leftover mashed potatoes because my family LOVES it. However, on the rare occasion that we do have leftovers, here are some great recipes that I would love to try.

Leftover Cranberry SauceThanksgiving-Cranberry-Leftover-Recipes

Honestly, I’m not a cranberry sauce fan. I think it carried over from when I was younger and had my first taste of a very tart cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. Granted, I should probably give it another shot since my tastes have changed a lot and I’m sure I would have no problem eating any of the recipes below :-)

Leftover StuffingThanksgiving Stuffing Leftover Recipes

Stuffing is another item that we rarely have leftover in our house. Although, I would make extra stuffing just to make sure I could make some of the recipes below. I especially want to make the turkey and dumpling soup….yummy!

Hope this round-up of recipes helps to combat leftover overload and prevents any leftover waste.