Free Christmas Word Scramble Game

Planning a family Christmas party and need some entertainment for the adults? Here’s a Free Christmas Word Scramble Game Printable to keep the older folks entertained.

Before we get to the Free Christmas Word Scramble Game Printable, it’s day 4 of the Festive Christmas Ideas Event! I’ve teamed up with a group of talented blogging friends to bring you a plethora of creative ways to celebrate your holiday season. You’ll find new ideas every Monday and Wednesday between Oct. 19th through Nov. 18th. Don’t forget to scroll down to find all the Christmas Game ideas linked at the bottom!

FREE Christmas Word Scramble Game Printable

Free Christmas Word Scramble Game Printable 3

To get this printable, click on this link >>> Free Christmas Word Scramble Game Printable. NOTE: This is a zip file that will need to be downloaded and then you can open each printable file. There are two versions with an answer key. One version has only Christmas scrambled words and one has special 2020 descriptive words.

There are several ways to play:

  1. Play with unlimited time and give the winner a prize.
  2. Play with a time limit and give the winner a prize.
  3. Break up into groups and do a word scramble relay. Depending on the size of the group, divide this into the word scramble words. This will determine how many each person has to figure out. The first person figures out the first few words, and passes it on to the next person. That person unscrambles the next few. Keep passing it on till the last person. The team that finishes first is the winner. The words can be figured out in the order on the list or randomly.

Gift/Prize Ideas:

  1. Christmas candy
  2. Toilet paper/paper towels
  3. cleaning supplies (I personally would love this as our shelves are always empty.
  4. Gift cards (Starbucks, Amazon, Target, etc…)
  5. Coffee mugs
  6. Hand sanitizer or lotion

Festive Christmas Ideas Day 4 - Christmas Games

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  1. Word searches are a favorite past time of mine – I have several books. I like that you’ve added some personalized 2020 words here, but love even more than you recommend toilet paper and cleaning supplies as prizes!! Hehe.

  2. I love scramble games. They get my brain working. this one will be fun to have out during our christmas party for those who want to play. thank you.

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