Looking for a fun Christmas Game? Get this FREE Christmas Charades Printable for family-friendly holiday fun!

Free Christmas Charades Printable Game

Keeping guests entertained during holiday parties can sometimes be challenging. Playing games together is not only fun, it makes great memories.

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Christmas Charades Printable


  • Timer – Time players/teams
  • Pen or pencils – To keep score and to use if drawing the items on the charade cards.
  • Paper or cardstock – To print Christmas Charade Cards and to keep score.
  • Large Drawing Pad (optional) or white board – Use for drawing if not acting out the card items.

How to Play Christmas Charades

General Play – Print and cut out the Christmas Charades sheets. One player will pick a charade card without showing it to the others. Then, the player with the card should be given 1-2 minutes to draw and act out what is on the charade card without speaking. The the other players have to guess what is being drawn and acted out. Rotate to a new player acting and drawing out the charade cards until all the cards have been played. The player with the most correct answers at the end of the game wins!

Drawing and Acting – One player will pick out a card. Next, the player should draw and act out what is on the card without speaking. The other players should try to guess what is being acted and drawn out in 1-2 minutes.

Acting only – One player will pick out a card and should only act out what is on the card without speaking. Then, the other players should try to guess what is being acted out within 1-2 minutes.

FREE Christmas Charades Printable Cards

Christmas Charades Printable Cards

I hope you and your family have lots of fun playing Christmas Charades. Merry Christmas!

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