The 2018 Craft Room Challenge has come to end and it’s time to showoff the results of 5 weeks of cleaning, organizing, and purging! All I can say is that I really needed this challenge to give me the push I needed to transform my hot mess of a crafting area into a new Tropical Craft Room oasis (watch the video tour at the end)!

Tropical Craft Room reveal and final images

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Craft Room Before

If you remember, this is what I started with in week 1…

Before Craft Room Issues:

  • Craft items are not grouped together and organized  – solved with plastic storage and storage bins.
  • Not enough functional storage area (my main issue) – solved by building a peg board, adding paint shelves, and storage cubes.
  • Hard to find items in stacked unlabeled containers – solved by labeling my containers.
  • Work area is too small – solved by building a large storage desk.
  • Storage for large stencils + Silhouette mats – solved by hanging on walls or the side of my bookcases.
  • No task lighting -solved by ordering a clip on lamp and changed out bulbs to daylight blubs.
  • Decorate – solved by shopping my house, thrift stores, and discount stores.

As you just saw, my craft area was a HUGE craptastic mess! My craft stash had spilled over into my dining area (not shown), my small craft table was buried under too many craft supplies, and I didn’t have designated places to store my items.

The Road to the Tropical Craft Room Oasis

cleared craft room table

Week 1 & 2 – A chaotic mess.

I cleared off my small craft table, but I had no place to put all the items I cleared off. I was basically moving stuff from one area to another. To fix this issue, I knew I needed to build a larger craft table with storage. So, I used an Ikea table top (similar one, but slightly larger) that was sitting in our garage and two cube storage units as the ‘legs’ for my new larger craft table. Next, I began the tedious task of sorting my craft supplies. I placed larger items into the cube storage bins and smaller items in plastic shoe containers.

Craft supply framed peg board with organized craft items

Week 3 – Building

I began building my craft supply peg board, did more craft supply purging, hung paint shelves, patched/painted wall holes, and started planning the decorative aspects of my tropical craft room. Again, since my main issue was craft storage, I took advantage of the vertical space in my room. I built a framed peg board to display craft items I use often and added paint shelves to an odd angled wall for my overflowing paint collection.

tropical craft room pillow pattern and decorative accents

Week 4 – Decorating

I thought about creating a farmhouse look or a bright colorful craft room, but quickly realized that I really enjoy the look of dark woods and tropical beach vibes (think Hawaiian islands). I guess you can take the girl out of Hawaii, but you can’t take Hawaii out of the girl πŸ™‚ This worked out perfectly because my new tropical craft room happens to be open to the rest of the house, which has tropical elements scattered throughout. So, I shopped my own home, thrift stores, home discount stores, and Amazon for the finishing touches.

Tropical craft room pillow pattern closeup

My inspiration jumping point was this tropical patterned chair cushion ⇑ that I found at Ross Dress for Less. I used the colors in the chair cushion to pick out the curtains, create a fun “weapons of mass creation” printable, and for the overall vibe of the remaining decorations. You can find similar items to create this look below β‡“⇓

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my new tropical craft room! I love my new space and how everything is organized and has its own home. It sure makes crafting so much easier when I can find things!

UPDATE 4/2018

I had a stash of fabric in several bins that needed to be organized. What I hated the most about having my fabric in bins was having to dig through it to find what I needed at the very bottom. Thus, I decided to try to vertical fabric storage. You can check out my post to see how I did it –>> Vertical Fabric Storage Using Foam Board.

For more craft room reveals, check out the links below!

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  1. I love your color scheme and the Tropical bits and pieces you found!!! My bedroom has a beachy theme, too. Those thin shelves for all your paint are brilliant and those peg boards, too.

  2. You did a great jib in organizing your own craftroom! I wish to have my own πŸ™‚
    its very motivating, isn’t?
    Happy crafting!

  3. What an awesome job you did. I saw the shells and I was hooked. It reminds me of our time in Hawaii. I wish I had more time to do more crafty and DIY stuff. Organizational goals for me.

  4. Wow your craft room is serious GOALS! It is so organised and chic, I love it! I hope you continue to be creative in your newly transformed space

  5. I don’t have a craft room so that is a goal or even to have a wall would be nice. So my stuff is in boxes, bags and corners. Your new and improved space looks great. Everything is so tidy and inviting.

  6. Wow, I absolutely love your craft room. I definitely need the shelves/pinboard for my DIY projects. I swear I lose pens and scissors all the time. So gorgeous!

  7. What a wonderful makeover, Erlene! The shelves for paint and your table idea are great! I love the tropical look to the space. Loved the video, too. I’m sure I would have had a screaming woman looking at my craft room before I gave it a makeover, too.

  8. Erlene, you have such a wonderful crafting space with all sorts of goodies. Love those Ikea shelves and how clever to cut one off and make it fit! Your DIY Table is very cool too. Such a smart idea. I’d love to have storage like that at the end of the table. I know you’ll be having some fun in there and how awesome to have a photo space too!!! Love your video tour!

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