It’s time for a craft room challenge update! Today, I’m going to recap what I’ve done during week 3’s craft room organizing goals and my plans for week 4! This week is going to be the beginning of  decorating the craft room!

Craft Room Organizing

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Week 3 Craft Room Organizing Recap

Week 3 of the craft room challenge was all about organizing our craft supplies. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough craft storage, which made it difficult to organize my craft supplies. To fix this issue, I built a peg board to display items I use often, labeled containers, added a larger craft table with storage buckets, and added shelves for my paints. I also went back through my craft supplies and purged items I haven’t touched in years.


Before picture of the craft room

After Sneak Peek:

Craft room organizing sneek peak

The majority of my craft supplies are in clear shoe containers that I bought at the 99 Cents Only stores . Bulkier items, like flowers and styrofoam are in bucket containers in a new craft room table (final reveal in week 5). My paints have a new home on their own Ikea Mosslanda shelves and items I use often are displayed on two new peg boards.

Week 4 Decorating Goals

Originally, I wanted to put up a bunch of decorative art all over the walls, but after stepping back and looking at the space, I don’t think I want to add too many items on the walls with all the craft supplies and equipment. So, for week 4, I’ll be looking for curtains to put up and adding a few more essentials that will help me keep organized. Here’ a sneak peek at the direction I want to head in…

Craft room decor
Now let’s meet the rest of the messy craft room gang! Make sure you check out their spaces too! We all have different spaces and challenges, so you might find ideas/tips to fit your area!

Craft Room Challenge Hosts - Week 4

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