Need ideas to organize the girl stuff in your bathroom? Today, I’m sharing my bathroom drawer organization of all the girl stuff – makeup, skin care, and hair care items.

Bathroom Drawer Organization Blog Hop - The Girl Stuff

For the entire month of April, 11 bloggers will be sharing the process of cleaning and organizing one drawer in our homes each week. It’s week 3 of the Drawer Organization Blog Hop and this week it’s all about the bathroom!

Drawer Organizing Blog Hop - Bathroom

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Bathroom Drawer Organization – The Girl Stuff


  • plastic containers
  • drawer liner
  • paper towels/cloth
  • spray cleaner

Bathroom Drawers BEFORE

Bathroom drawer organization before

To organize my 3 bathroom drawers, I followed my Junk Drawer Organization steps: sort, purge, clean, contain, and organize.

Sort – I basically took everything out of each drawer and grouped ‘like’ items together. For example, foundation and concealers, eye makeup, lip makeup, etc…

Purge – I tossed out items I no longer used or were past their prime.

Clean – When everything was removed from the drawers, I wiped the insides, all the containers, and the items going back into the drawers. My drawers are already lined, but if yours are not, now is the time to line them.

Contain – I used my existing plastic containers to separate and group ‘like’ items together.

Organize – Finally, I placed all the containers back into the drawers that made sense for me. Put your items back into your drawers the way it makes sense for you.

Bathroom Drawers AFTER


To organize my bathroom drawers, it made sense for me to separate each drawer by use and products. For me, I decided to use the top drawer for my makeup, the middle drawer for all my skin care items, and the bottom drawer for my hair items. Note: most of the containers I used fit snugly into the drawers and do not slide around. This makes it perfect to create separated spaces within the drawer where needed.

Top Bathroom Drawer – As I don’t wear a lot of makeup, most of my days are just bare faced or very minimal. I put my current foundation for spring, my face primer, and blush in the front in the very front as those are the things I use on most days. For my remaining cosmetic items, I used containers to keep ‘like’ items together.

Middle Bathroom Drawer – This drawer is deeper than the top drawer, so I was able to stand most of my skin care bottles up. For bottles that were too tall, I used a bin to lean the bottles back. This drawer holds my skin cleansers, micellar water, collagen masks, cotton squares, face towels, and hair headband.

Bottom Bathroom Drawer – The bottom drawer holds all of my hair items. I placed my brushes, hair clips/bands, scalp treatments, styling products, and hair colors in this drawer.

Isn’t it amazing what a difference a few plastic bins and a little time can make? I love how everything is grouped together because it makes finding my girl stuff soooo much easier!

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  1. I love how your organized everything by grouping similar items together. That works for me, too. Your drawers look great now and I’m sure everything is now easy to find.

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