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For the entire month of April, 10 bloggers shared the process of cleaning and organizing drawers around our homes. This is the final week of the Drawer Organization Blog Hop and we’re ending our drawer organization month in the bedroom. So today, I’m sharing my roll folding dresser drawer organization method.

Roll folding - dresser drawer organization

Roll Folding Dresser Drawer Organization Method

There’s nothing like cleaning and organizing your dresser drawers to make you realize that you need a wardrobe update. Honestly, after years of working in retail management, I’ve learned to scale back A LOT on what I buy. My rule is…if I don’t LOVE IT, I don’t buy it! This small change in my thinking has helped me reduce not only my drawer clutter, but my closet as well (my hubby has more clothes than me).

Now, let’s take a look at my most problem drawers – my top/shirt drawer and my jeans/bottom drawers.

Top/Shirt Drawer


Husband's shirt drawer

For the top/shirt drawer, I’m showing my hubby’s drawer. It’s similar to what my drawer looked like, but his is fuller and messier. He likes to stack his shirts on top of each other, but like I mentioned in my vertical fabric storage post, you can’t find things when they are stacked on top of each other. As you can see, it looks like he has to rummage through his shirts to find anything.


Rolled shirts and tanks in dresser drawer

I found it best to roll shirts and place them next to each other with the shirt design showing. I was able to get three columns of shirts and one column of tanks (four columns total).

Rolled shirts vs vertical folding

The reason I prefer roll folding my shirts versus vertical slim folding is because the shirts stay in place when one is removed. Vertical slim folded shirts will fall over and make the drawer look messy, which is why I don’t like using this folding method.

While roll folding shirts are my preferred method, there are two drawbacks. The first drawback, rolling shirts takes up more space than vertical slim folding. The second drawback is that rolling causes more wrinkles, but I always iron and this isn’t an issue for me.

Jean/Pant Drawer


Jean drawer

My bottoms drawer houses my jeans, leggings, shorts, other miscellaneous pants, and one rogue denim pillow case :-). I used to fold and stack in the traditional stacked horizontal way, which meant I had to dig through my pants to find what I wanted.


folded pant dresser drawer organization

Again, I choose to go vertical and do a bit of roll folding. There are a lot of tutorial on the web for folding jeans, so choose the one that best fits your drawer space and accommodates your clothing. The key is to go vertical so you can SEE your clothing.

Jeans folded in drawer

This is how I folded my jeans so they would ‘stand’ when the pant next to it was removed. For my slinky fabric pants and leggings, I kept to the roll folding method and tucked them to the side of the drawer.

If you have a method that works for you, tell me about it in the comments below. 

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  1. I like your folding method for jeans. Mine are in a bin at the top of my closet. I can’t reach them so I throw them up hoping they make it into the bin. I think I need to change that system. LOL! You have inspired me with these two drawers. I love the rolling method and I think I will try that. Thank you.

  2. Erlene, first I want to say thank you for organizing this challenge. It was the most pleasant and productive event to be a part of. I am inspired by all of the valuable ideas which were share.
    We don’t have a lot of drawer storage in our bedroom. Actually only four between the two of us so most of our stuff goes in the closet. My hubby has a lot more clothes than I do. I’m always telling him that I’m low maintenance. lol I like to roll my t-shirts because they take up less space where I keep them that way and I know which is which. I completely agree that stacking is the least neat way to store t-shirts. We always want the one on the bottom that way.

  3. I use the roll method for most of my drawers and it’s what I shared for our final drawer organization post, too. It does make it lots easier to find what I’m looking for. I’m using canvas bins to hold the clothes. That helps keep them from falling over when one is removed since they are confined to a small space. Thanks for organizing this blog hop, Erlene. It’s been a a great one with lots of tips!

  4. Your drawers look great! I should try rolling my pants and shirts and storing them in a drawer instead of hanging them in our master bedroom closet. Our closet is so full!

  5. Your drawers look great Erlene! Your husbands before drawer is exactly how my husbands drawer looks. Im going to roll his shirts today and my tanks, plus he works from home so it doesn’t matter if they are wrinkled.
    This has been so much fun getting organized.