Want to make a quick, inexpensive, and easy wreath for Halloween? Head to the dollar store and grab a wire wreath form and a black plastic tablecloth to make this Halloween plastic tablecloth wreath.
Halloween Plastic Tablecloth Wreath

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Halloween Plastic Tablecloth Wreath

My inspiration for this wreath came from a plastic tablecloth wreath tutorial from 2011. The original pin used strips of plastic tablecloth cut into 8″ x 2 1/2″ strips that were tied onto a wire wreath. Super simple, but a bit tedious.


  • wire wreath form
  • black rectangular plastic tablecloth
  • spiders
  • white webbing
  • hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • double-sided tape

How to:

Halloween plastic tablecloth wreath

For my Halloween Plastic Tablecloth wreath, I decided to cut the giant strips using the natural folds in the tablecloth. Note: The strips can be cut into smaller widths with the same result.

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Halloween Plastic tablecloth wreath

Knot the tablecloth strip onto the wire form. It can be tied to the inside or outside wire.

plastic tablecloth loops

tablecloth loops

Pull up about 2 1/2″ of the tablecloth up between each wire ring to form ‘bunny ears’. Continue to create ‘bunny ears’ until the outside ring is reached. When the outside ring is reached, wrap the plastic around the outside wire once or tie a knot. Continue making ‘bunny ears’, working back towards the inside of the wreath. When you come to the end of the tablecloth strip, tie a knot to the wire form and continue the process until the wreath form is covered. There will be about 2 1/2 strips per section and this should be enough to hold the loops in place and fill the wreath.

Note: There is nothing holding the loops in place, except for the initial knot and end knot.

Plain Halloween Plastic Tablecloth Wreath

Halloween Plastic Tablecloth Wreath

Fluff up the strips by opening up the strips. Trim any excess ends to the same length as the loops. Leave as is or embellish it with spider webbing and some glitter spiders.

spider webs on Halloween plastic tablecloth wreath

To attach the webbing, I used double-sided tape to attach it to various areas around the wreath.

Halloween Plastic Tablecloth Wreath

Finally, I used hot glue to add the spiders. To prevent the plastic from melting, add the glue to the spiders and let it cool down before attaching the spiders so the plastic.

Note: This wreath is best used indoors or in a covered area that isn’t exposed to outdoor elements.

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  1. I love the sparkly Spiders a lot. And the spiderweb. I bet it took quite a while to make all those bunny ears but I can guarantee you it was well worth it. Your wreath looks stunning. I will save it to my wreath board and hope to be inspired by it next year round.

  2. At first glance I had no idea it was a tablecloth. This is so Halloweeny (I don’t think that’s a word), but I love the Halloween vibe! I tied plastic tablecloths on my Halloween lights for the porch and it looks so cute. It’s amazing what you can do with a tablecloth.

  3. What?! You’ve blown my mind.. I would never have thought that you could make a wreath from a plastic tablecloth. This is fabulous!! Pinned.

  4. Erlene, you know how I love to make wreaths and door decorations! This is a new one on me. Thanks for the great how-to post. It’s a clever way to make an inexpensive, spooky Halloween wreath.

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