Have fun with the kids (teens too) and make this 3-ingredient easy Jumbo Jello Gummy Bears!

How to make Jumbo Jello Gummy Bears with only 3-ingredients. #gummybears #jello #snacks

It’s time for the monthly Pinterest Challenge! This is when I get together with a group of blogging buddies to not just collect pins, but to create something we’ve pinned to our Pinterest boards. Last month, I made a Savory Vegetable Pancake and this month, I’m making something sweet!

My Pinterest Inspiration…

I’ve been wanting to make gummy bears for a loooong time and had quite the collection of gummy bear recipes. Some gummy recipes used soda and some used concentrated fruit juice, but I decided to opt for one using Jello since it’s what I had on-hand. But I didn’t want to make the tiny Jello gummies, I wanted to make them BIG! So, I settled on this homemade Jello gummy bear recipe from Skip to my Lou.

Supplies to make Jumbo Jello Gummy Bears

Before we make the Jumbo Jello gummy bears, you’re going to need a mold. If you don’t want to buy a mold, you can use non-stick spray in a shallow pan or baking dish and cut the gummies into squares. I prefer the silicone molds as it doesn’t require any non-stick spray and I don’t have to worry about any odd flavor from it.

The jumbo mold I used is currently sold out, but I linked to a similar mold that also create 2″ gummy bears. The emoji mold (linked below) is slightly bigger and the remaining molds are a bit smaller. I experimented with various flavors of Jello and the kids unanimously voted the Jolly Rancher Jello flavors the best.

Ingredients for Jumbo Jello Gummy Bears

  • 1 – 3 oz. box Jello
  • 1 packet gelatin add another 1 tsp. for a chewier gummy
  • 1/3 cup water

How to Make 3-ingredient Easy Jumbo Jello Gummy Bears

Jumbo Jello Gummy Bear in hand

Okay, we’re finally on to making the Jumbo Jello Gummy Bears! It’s super simple and you can whip this up right before the kids get home from school or make these with the kids!

Gelatin and Jello blooming in water

The first thing and most important is to let the gelatin ‘bloom’ before heating it on the stove. I tried to rush this step and had grainy gummy bears, so don’t skip this! Just add water to a pot and sprinkle the gelatin and Jello over the water and let sit for at least 5-minutes.

Note: The original recipe suggests using 2 gelatin packets for a chewier gummy, but we found found it too chewy. Unless you like playing tug-o-war with your food or losing a few teeth, I would keep it to the one or one and a half packets of gelatin.

Dissolving Jello to make jumbo Jello Gummy Bears

Once the gelatin has ‘bloomed’, heat the mixture over medium low heat. Make sure to constantly and gently stir the mix until all the sugar granules are dissolved. Do not use a whisk or roughly stir the mixture as it will cause excessive air bubbles and do not let this boil. It should only take a few minutes for the mixture to be ready.

Jumbo Jello Gummy Bears in silicone mold

Immediately take the Jello mixture and pour it into the Jumbo gummy mold. Since these are big gummy bears, I don’t fill them to the top and fill them just past the half-way point. If using a smaller mold, fill them about 3/4 way full. Then, let this slowly cool on the counter till set (about 40-45 minutes). For a quick set, let it sit for about 10-minutes before moving it into the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Head of jumbo jello gummy bear eaten

Now, all that’s left is to pop the Jumbo Jello Gummy Bears out of the mold and eat!

Note: Store in an air tight container in the fridge to help firm up and keep the gummies chewy! I use parchment paper between layers, but it isn’t necessary.

Jumbo Jello Gummy Bear in hand

Jumbo Jello Gummy Bears - August Pinterest Challenge

Yield: 8
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes

How to make jumbo Jello gummy bears with 3-ingredients...Jello, water, and gelatin! 


  • 1 - 3 oz. box Jello
  • 1 packet gelatin add another 1 tsp. for a chewier gummy
  • 1/3 cup water


Add water to a small pot. Sprinkle gelatin and Jello over the water. Let it sit for 5-minutes to let the gelatin 'bloom'. Then place the pot over medium low heat. Stirring slowly and constantly, heat just until sugar crystals dissolve. Immediately pour into jumbo gummy bear silicone mold. Let cool completely at room temperature, about 40-minutes. For quick set, let cool for 15-minutes and move to refrigerator for 25-minutes. Remove from mold and enjoy!


  • Use more gelatin (1 packet + 1 tsp.) for a chewier jumbo gummy bear.
  • Do not skip letting the gelatin 'bloom' for 5-minutes.
  • When using jumbo molds, fill molds half-way to make about 8-9 gummies.
  • Store gummy bears in an airtight container in the fridge. 

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  1. Thanks for this recipe and easy to follow instructions! I made jumbo pineapple and flamingo gummies and put them on the top of candy kabobs for my daughter’s Luau birthday party! I shared a link to your tutorial on my candy kabob blog post.

  2. These are SO fun! I’ve just started making our own fruit snacks with juice but I’m curious now to try it out with some Jello. These huge gummy bears are perfect!! Pinned for later.

  3. This would be so much fun to make with kids, there’s a process but it’s not too complicated.
    Isn’t it funny how giant or miniature anything makes it more fun?!

  4. Gummy bears are my favorite. Lucky for me, my man works in the city where HARIBO Comes from and they have a big outlet…yum! So it has never occured to me to make them myself. This sounds like a fun pastime, though, so thank you for providing such detailed instructions, even tips about the sizes of the mold and which gello to get. Pinning.

  5. I heard 3 ingredients and Gummy Bears! I’m going to try this but need to get a mold first because I want the fun one’s like you made, not square! Thanks for the tip on using 1 pack of Jello instead of two.