Where are all my Animal Crossing lovers? For Day 7 of the Festive Christmas Ideas Event, I’m sharing a whimsical colorful Animal Crossing Christmas Tree!

I participate in some type of Christmas tree tour almost every year, which means I usually come up with something new each time. This year, to celebrate my love for Animal Crossing, I decided to do a whimsical colorful Animal Crossing Christmas Tree.

Before we get to the whimsical colorful Animal Crossing Christmas Tree, it’s day 7 of the Festive Christmas Ideas Event! I’ve teamed up with a group of talented blogging friends to bring you a plethora of creative ways to celebrate your holiday season. You’ll find new ideas every Monday and Wednesday between Oct. 19th through Nov. 18th. Don’t forget to scroll down for a Christmas tree tour linked at the bottom!

Decorated Animal Crossing Christmas Tree

Whimsical Colorful Animal Crossing Christmas Tree

If you’ve been following along with the Festive Christmas Ideas event, you know that this year, I have an Animal Crossing theme. I even put together the Ultimate Animal Crossing Gift Guide and Animal Crossing Balloon Present Ornament tutorial. So, it only makes sense to continue the theme with a whimsical colorful Animal Crossing Christmas tree!

Truth be told, I was a bit worried about this tree. I wasn’t sure how I was going to decorate this tree without spending a ton of money. Buying Animal Crossing ornaments was not an option because of the expense. So, to keep the decorating cost low, I made most of the ornaments.

To make Animal Crossing villager ornaments, I opted to buy an SVG Vector bundle on Etsy of Animal Crossing characters. I used the bundle to enlarge the villager heads, print them on heavy cardstock, and then laminate them. Seen in the image above is Stitch (bear) and Tia (elephant). Super simple and I can use the SVG files to make other Animal Crossing items.

Another handmade item, the blue fossils. Fossils are found buried on all the islands and was a must have addition to the tree. These fossils were made using flat round fillable ornaments, glitter, clay, and Animal Crossing cookie cutters found on Etsy.

In this image, you can see a few more villagers and two things found by shaking Animal Crossing trees. Since money bags (star on the front) and green leaves are the best things shaken out of trees, I made these into ornaments too.

I made the money bags by wrapping burlap around round ornaments and decorating with a painted star. The leaves were made by tracing an animal crossing cookie cutter onto layered felt and cutting it out.

Now, to the best ornaments on the tree! According to my daughter, the best ornaments are the Animal Crossing Balloon Present Ornaments and DIY cards in bottles. The balloon present ornaments can even hold small gifts inside the box! If you want to make these ornaments, you can find the tutorials on Youtube.

Next, to fill in the gaps on the tree, I added candy cane ornaments found at Hobby Lobby, giant gold bells found at Dollar Tree, and used existing snowflake ornaments.

Last, the crowning touch on the tree is the gold star from Hobby Lobby and the Animal Crossing special characters: Tom Nook, Pascal, and KK Slider. Aren’t they adorable?!

Thank you for joining me on my 2020 Christmas tree tour. This tree puts a smile on my face and I love the bright colors, fun characters, and cheerful vibe. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at this whimsical colorful Animal Crossing Christmas Tree.

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Festive Christmas Ideas Day 7- Christmas Trees

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  1. What a darling tree! I don’t know much about animal crossing, but now I want to after seeing your tree. I especially love the colorful blinking lights. They make the whole thing magical.