Sponsored Post: Thank you to Tile, Inc. for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to keep track of everything that matters because “together we find”.

You’re probably scratching your head and thinking why in the world would I want to give a Tile for a stocking stuffer?! Well, I’m not talking about a tile for the floor, I’m talking about a world’s best selling Bluetooth tracker and it really is the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone!

Tile - the perfect stocking stuffer

Honestly, in this day and age, we all have so much stuff that it’s hard to keep track of everything. The Tile is a small Bluetooth device that can be attached to various things to help keep track of them. I use my Tile on our remote to help me keep track of which sofa it’s hiding in, but it can be used on so many other things too!

Basically, if you can hook, stick, or slide the Tile on the item, you can track it! The Tile is a small 34 x 34 x 4.65 mm square that can ‘ring’ your lost item within 100 feet using the Tile app on your phone. If the item is out of range, you can use the Tile app to find where the item was last seen or ask the Tile community, who has already help locate 2 million items, to help you find it!

Tile - the perfect stocking stuffer

So, if you have any of the people listed below on your holiday shopping list, the Tile is the gift to give. For only $25 you can give the gift of finding lost items or take advantage of the special 4 and 8 pack deals where you can buy the Tile for under $20 each!

Have this person on your shopping list? The Tile is the perfect stocking stuffer!

The Hard to Buy for Woman (teacher, moms, hairstylist, etc..) – A Tile Style can be placed on their purses, gym bag, sunglass cases, inside wallets, umbrellas, etc…

The Hard to Buy for Man (dads, coaches, postman, techie, etc…) – A Tile Mate can be used in wallets, keys, tablets, laptops, wireless earbud cases, and anything else dads tend to lose.

The Kids – Attach a Tile Mate to backpacks, lunch boxes, their favorite stuffed animal, and other items that kids tend to misplace.

The Traveler – Use a Tile Sport on suitcases, inside passport covers, in wallets, on cameras, and more!

Tile - the perfect stocking stuffer

Your friends and family will love the Tile and thank you long after the holidays are over because nobody like losing stuff. So look no further, give the perfect stocking stuffer and a gift that everyone can use, a Tile!

Find out more by visiting Tile.com and find the perfect Tile to gift.

See how I use my Tile ~

Use the tile on the remote to find the phone

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