It’s time for another Christmas tree tour! I already shared my main Animal Crossing Christmas Tree on the Festive Christmas Ideas Event, so now it’s time to share our mini tree that was decorated by my teen daughter. 

Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop

Welcome To The Fourth Annual Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop

I’m excited to be joining 28 other ladies to share our 2020 Christmas trees. Be sure to visit all them all at the end of the post for gorgeous holiday tree decorating ideas. 

2020 Gold Holographic Garland Christmas Tree

Gold holographic garland Christmas tree

My kids love the look of traditional Christmas trees. They prefer the bright reds, golds, whites, and greens of the holiday season. So, while they like this year’s Animal Crossing Christmas theme, they still wanted something more traditional. And when I came home with gold holographic garland from the dollar store, my youngest begged to use it on our small 4 foot tree. 

Closeup of the gold holographic garland Christmas tree

I will say, the holographic garland is super mesmerizing. It just sparkles like nobody’s business and these pictures just can’t do it justice. It’s amazing how a $1 garland can be so pretty. My daughter used about 5 of these garlands on this little 4 foot tree. She wove it on the inside and then on the outside of the tree to give it the most beautiful glow, especially at night (see video below).

This tree is its best at night, when the gold holographic garland has a chance to really shine. The sparkles seen in the video are NOT effects…the tree really does sparkle! Isn’t it mesmerizing?! 

Gold Christmas Tree comparison

Now, if you’ve been following this blog, I know you’ve seen this tree decorated in gold before. However, if I had decorated the tree, it would be loaded with ornaments. My daughter has a lighter hand and prefers the tree with lots of garland sparkle and less ornaments. You can see the difference between my daughter’s style and my own style. She used large poinsettias, the holographic garland, and a few chosen gold ornaments to create her Christmas tree. 

Gold holographic garland Christmas tree daytime

I hope you enjoyed our 2020 Gold Holographic Garland Christmas Tree. Make sure to keep scrolling down to see the other fabulous decorated Christmas trees.

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Christmas Tree Collage

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Christmas tree collage of four

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Christmas tree hop

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For even more Christmas tree inspiration, check out these trees from the Festive Christmas Ideas Event and a few of my past holiday trees too!

Festive Christmas Ideas Day 7- Christmas Trees

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  1. I love the gold tree. I have seen that garland and it really is mezmorizing. I think it is great that your kids love the traditional Christmas colors and this tree is truly beautiful! Merry Christmas.

  2. Erlene, I love your gold tree! I’m not familiar with holographic garlands, so you’ve got me intrigued (especially since it came from the Dollar Store, lol!). I love poinsettia stems on Christmas trees, too, and your gold ones look amazing. How fun that your daughter helped with the decorating!

  3. What a sweet tree! those white magnolias are brilliant and make the tree so festive. I could see this in my homes here in South Carolina. Pinned to my Christmas board.

  4. Erlene, your holographic garland christmas tree is beautiful!! i’ve never seen the holographic decorations before and just love it! thank you so much for participating and sharing with us!

  5. Your little gold tree is gorgeous! That garland is lovely, I can see how it sparkles and adds that lovely glow at night. I am probably more like your daughter, and my husband more like you. He believes there are never enough ornaments!

  6. I came for the Christmas hop, but I ended up watching your video on the Giant Animal Crossing Money Bags. What a great way to make money as a gift feel so much more special. I’m happy to discover your blog.

  7. erlene, your tree is stunning, so pretty and sparkly! it’s funny you mentioning your daughters style vs your own, it’s similar to mine and my daughters, except i’m the one with the lighter hand for adding ornaments!

  8. Your tree is beautiful, Erlene! The garland reminds me of the trees we had growing up. Back then we had lots of silver tinsels and garland! I hope you have an affiliate link to the Dollar Tree cause you’ve convinced us to buy some! It does look amazing and unbelievable that it’s just a dollar. I’m on my way to find some!

  9. Guess who is headed to the dollar store today to look for a holographic garland? I loved seeing how it sparkled in your video. your tree is gorgeous and I love that your daughter enjoys decorating with you for Christmas.

    1. Aww, thank you. I love that my daughter wanted to help me decorate too. It can be exhausting doing it all by myself. I hope you can find some of these garlands. It’s so pretty and I just couldn’t get the pictures to show how pretty it is IRL.