Icy Wonderland Christmas Tree

Does anyone else put their tree up early? I know I’m not the only one. Come on…don’t be ashamed to admit it. Anyhow, the early tree was triggered by a recent trip to the Dollar Store with my youngest daughter.

You see, I originally went to the Dollar Store for Thanksgiving decorations, but I must have missed it. Is it me or did Thanksgiving stuff get skipped over? There was only a puny display for Thanksgiving against rows of Christmas décor. At first I was a bit bummed, until I saw the turquoise ornaments. They were sooooo pretty.

I was internally jumping up and down. Finally, here was my chance to change the color scheme of our very traditional red and gold tree without breaking the bank. Needless to say, Thanksgiving decorations went right out the door. Here is how my thought process went. First, we aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving at our house this year. Second, we’ve been rocking red and gold for about fifteen years and I was itching for a change. Third, turquoise glitter snow flakes…need I say more?

Now, we have a new icy wonderland Christmas tree for a around $40! This totally beats the $8 to $15 per ornament at a regular store. Below are pictures of the Dollar Store haul and my crazy tree decorating process.

Icy Wonderland Christmas Tree

Items from the Dollar Store:                                           Items on hand:

2 packs of 8ct. silver bells (16 total)                                 One large white/silver mesh ribbon

1 16ct. silver icicles                                                               Gold glitter branches

1 16ct. lt. turquoise icicles                                                   Various gold ornaments

2 packs of 5ct. flat white snow flakes (10 total)            Various white ornaments

5 2ct. small fuzzy snow flakes (10 total)                          Polyester fiber fill

5 2ct. large dark turquoise icicles (10 total)

3 5ct. small dark turquoise snow flakes (total 15)

5 large turquoise balls

5 large silver glitter balls

4 large turquoise glitter snow flakes

4 large clear turquoise snow flakes

Icy Wonderland Christmas Tree Decorating

**I didn’t decorate a small portion at the back of the tree because you don’t see it. If you decorate all the way around, you will need a few more ornaments.**

Here are pictures of the ornaments from the Dollar Store.

Icy Wonderland Christmas Tree

Here are the steps to my wacky tree decorating process.

I always start by wrapping the tree with one roll of  mesh ribbon because this gives me an idea of where I need to place ornaments.

Icy Wonderland Christmas Tree

Next, I stagger the large ornaments around the tree. In this case, it happens to be the Dollar Store turquoise snow flake ornaments.

Icy Wonderland Christmas Tree

Third, I start to fill in with the medium sized ornaments and gold glitter braches. This is where the mixture of the new and the old ornaments come into play. Once all the ornaments are placed, take a tree branch and wrap it around the mesh ribbon to make it look like it is pinched in at various places. You can see it in the picture below.

Icy Wonderland Christmas TreeThe tree is almost done, but something is missing…

Icy Wonderland Christmas TreeThe tree needed some snow. Can you tell the difference? It’s very subtle, but the added snow makes the tree pop. All it took was some polyester fiber fill. Yes, the stuff you stuff in pillows. Just place it on various branches and you have instant snow.

Here is the tree in daylight. I still haven’t decided on a topper yet. Any suggestions?

icy wonderland christmas tree

Hope you like the new Christmas tree color scheme. I would love to hear about your tree colors or tips on tree decorating. Also, stay tuned for more low to no budget holiday decorating ideas.

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  1. I love the turquoise color of those snowflakes. Thanks for sharing. Hello from Christmas In July.