Yesterday, I posted my Valentine’s Day mantle and giant envelope tutorial. Today, I want to show you how to make a cute Valentine’s Day butterfly. This is a quick and easy Dollar Store craft that you can make in less than 10mins.


  • 2 glitter heart picks
  • 1 black pipe cleaner
  • glue gun
  • scissors

1. Take the two heart picks and pull the hearts off. Set these aside

2. Take one of the wooden picks and cut it approximately 2 1/4in. above the tapered end. This is the end that the heart was stuck on

3. To make the butterfly antenna, cut a piece of pipe cleaner to 5 1/2in

4. Bend the pipe cleaner into a V-shape and curl the tips

5. Take your glue gun and place a tiny dot of glue on the cut edge of the 2 1/4″ wooden pick

6. Insert wooden pick between the bottom “v” of the pipe cleaner

7. Place glue onto the tip of the heart

8. Place the tip of the second heart at an angle to the first heart.  *You many need to hold this in place till the glue starts to harden*

9. While the glue is still pliable, center the pick onto the heart tips *see pic above*

That’s it. You’re finished. You can place these Valentine butterflies anywhere you want. I glued mine to a felt heart and placed it onto a picture frame. Where will you place yours?

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