Easy Mesh & Ribbon Valentien's Day Wreath I’ve finally taken down all of my Christmas decorations and have started decorating for Valentine’s Day! I know, it may be early, but I’ve had my Christmas decorations up since November, so it’s time. My first project I’ve created for a fast decor change is an Easy Mesh & Ribbon Valentine’s Day Wreath.

Easy Mesh & Ribbon Valentine’s Day Wreath


  • 18″ wire wreath form
  • 12 pink pipe cleaners
  • glue gun/hot glue
  • 21″ red mesh
  • 5 1/2″ red mesh (or coordinating color mesh)
  • 4 spools of various 2″ printed ribbon
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • pencil/pen


If you are starting with a wreath form with ties, skip the first three steps.

Plain wire wreathTo create this mesh and ribbon wreath, you need to start with a wire wreath form with ties, which can be found in any craft store. I decided to create my own form by adding pipe cleaners to a plain wire wreath form I hand on hand.

Attach tiestiesTwist pipe cleaners onto every intersecting bar on the inner portion of the wreath ( 1-6). Next, center and add pipe cleaners to the third circle between each intersecting bar (7 – 12). This step can be skipped if you start with a store-bought wreath with ties.

glue-tiesGlue ties in position.

Attach mesh to wreathAttach the 21″ mesh to the inside of the wreath by scrunching the end and securing it to the wreath by twisting a pipe cleaner around it. 

Wrap mesh around wreathFrom the first tie, measure about 9″ of mesh. Scrunch the mesh at the 9″ point and secure to the next tie. Continue this step until you complete the inner circle. Fluff the ‘poufs’ of mesh. 

Outside meshOnce the inner circle is completed, secure the mesh to the next closest tie on the outside of the wire form. Move the mesh to the closest outside tie -there will be no pouf, the mesh should be taught. When the mesh is secured to the first outside tie, continue to measure out 9″ of mesh and securing it to the outside ties. 

Complete mesh circleContinue securing the mesh to the outside ties until the circle of mesh is closed. Cut the mesh and tuck the end under the wire form. 

mesh-wreathThere were a few holes, so this is where I added the 5 1/2″ mesh. You can also use the 21″ mesh for a fuller look. 

small mesh

Pick a starting point and secure the 5 1/2″ mesh to the inner circle of the wreath. Then, zig-zag 9 inches of mesh between each tie on the wreath. Cut the mesh and tuck the end under the wire form. Fluff mesh.

cut ribbon

When the base of the mesh wreath is complete, it’s time to prep the ribbon. Use a ruler and cut six 10″ lengths of each ribbon. Then, to create a v-cut on both ends of the ribbon, fold the ribbon in half and fold once more lengthwise. Next, use the scissors to make the v-cut on the ends.

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Pinch ribbonOnce all the ribbon is cut, take two different patterns and lay the ribbon in an ‘X’ shape. Pinch the ribbon together in the center and attach it to a twist tie.

Alternate ribbon Alternate the ribbon on every other twist tie. There should be three of the same ribbon sets on the inside and three on the outside. Repeat this step with the remaining ribbon until all the ribbon is attached to a twist tie.

curl tiesTo finish the wreath, wrap the twist ties around a pencil/pen to curl the ties. Other options – wrap ties to the back and twist to hide or add floral/heart embellishments over ties.

Easy Mesh & Ribbon Valentine's Day Wreath

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  1. Erlene, This is one of the most beautiful valentine’s wreaths I’ve seen – and so easy too! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday! Pinning and tweeting to share! Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. These wreaths are awesome! I make deco mesh wreaths at Christmas for outdoors and indoors and always have comments and requests for them.

  3. Very Cute Elene! I have yet to make one of these wreaths~ Thanks for the tutorial~ Stopping by to let you know you are being featured on Friday’s P3 Party post! Have a great week! Thanks for pinning!

  4. Absolutely beautiful going to try and make it. Just one question not sure why you would need to use a glue gun for the pipe cleaners. Where exactly are you putting the glue on ? The Pipe cleaners or on the wreath?Also are you on YouTube? Because I like watching stuff like that in a video. Thank You islandgirl52

    1. Thank you. I added glue where the pipe cleaner met the metal frame. If you don’t add glue, the pipe cleaners will slide around. Of course, you can always purchase a pre-wired metal frame from the craft store and you can skip that part. I just used what I had on-hand to make my base for the wreath.

  5. You did a great job on the wreath! It’s very pretty and colorful and I’m sure it brightens your home and brings joy when you look at it.