Every month a group of bloggers are challenged by C’mon Get Crafty to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies! This month’s Craft Room Destash Challenge came at the perfect time because I’m also participating in a Craft Room Challenge. I’ve been cleaning up my very messy craft room and found a ton of Valentine’s Day stuff. And since Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, I decided to make a Valentine’s Day Glitter Hearts Floral Arrangement that takes only 5-minutes to make.

Valentine's Day Glitter Hearts Floral Arrangement

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Valentine’s Day Glitter Hearts Floral Arrangement


  • rectangular container
  • fiberfill stuffing or floral foam
  • pink heart floral picks
  • red heart floral picks (my only purchase for this craft = $1.00)
  • four large white flowers with leaves
  • two red roses
  • optional – paper/shredded paper or something to cover the fiberfill/floral foam
  • optional – glue gun/glue


Valentine's Day Glitter Hearts Arrangement

For this arrangement, I chose an open weave ceramic bread basket. Since I didn’t want the inside workings of the arrangement, I lined the inside of the basket with paper before filling it with fiberfill. This step can be skipped if you can’t see through the container. If using floral foam, make sure it is glued to the bottom of the container.

Before I move on, I’ll tell you why I like fiberfill…it’s cheap and I can reuse it! Okay, let’s move on.

Valentine's Day Glitter Hearts Floral Arrangement

After filling the inside of my container with fiberfill, I cut the floral stems just long enough to clear the top of the container and slightly bend the stem forward. Put the rose in the front center with the large white flowers to the sides of it.

Valentine's Day Glitter Hearts Floral Arrangements picks

Cut the glitter hearts floral picks to the height you desire and add horizontally in the middle of the arrangement. Then, complete the arrangement by adding the remaining flowers to the back of the container.

Valentine's Day Glitter Hearts Floral Arrangement image

Not bad for a cute Valentine’s Day Glitter Hearts Floral Arrangement, right? I only spent a $1.00 for the red glitter heart floral picks and everything else came from my craft stash! Now go and shop your home and see what you can make!

If you’d like to join in the Craft Room De-Stash Challenge, you can request to join our Facebook group here! Now, let’s check out some awesome creations you might be able to make from your own stash! #CraftRoomDestashChallenge

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  1. Erlene, I totally love how you managed to catch the glitter in your photos. I never seem able to do that (insert a sad sigh here). Also I think those glittery hearts look like candy and I totally crave candy right now. I like how your arrangement turned out and it was a low budget, low time investment kinda project…excellent job!

  2. This is really cute Erlene, and very colorful! Love that china basket too. That’s an arrangement you can enjoy a while. The color of the white roses is pretty.
    Florence visiting from the Blog Hop