Have a cannibal, zombie, or Walking Dead Halloween theme? Print out these FREE Halloween Cannibal Recipe Printables and glue them onto the pages of an old book to make a horrific recipe book!

FREE Halloween Cannibal Recipe Printables. Great for zombie, cannibal, or Walking Dead party decor. #Halloween #spooky #party

In case you haven’t noticed, my October theme is Walking Dead with a focus on all things Terminus. Terminus was a place that promised sanctuary for people trying to escape the ‘zombie’ apocalypse. Unfortunately, the people of Terminus were cannibals that lured people into their compound, only to capture and eat them.

Anyway, during one of the episodes, a few of the Terminus inhabitants chopped off and ate the leg of a character named Bob. So, I thought it would be kind of funny to create a mock Halloween cannibal recipe featuring Bob’s leg. I know it’s gross, but I imagine over time the Terminus group would have created their own body part recipes, don’t you think?

FREE Halloween Cannibal Recipe Printables (Walking Dead Terminus Cookbook)

Click on the images to print.

Bob's BBQ Leg with Sweet Blood Sauce. Halloween Cannibal Recipe Printable.

Rump Roast Halloween Cannibal Recipe Printable

Halloween cannibal recipe printables

I glued the Halloween cannibal recipe printables into a thrift store book and added extra blood and gore using acrylic paint to create a Walking Dead Terminus Cookbook. I also added a ‘cooked’ leg to my Halloween vignette using this bloody bones technique to create it. Of course, you can just print these Halloween cannibal recipes and use them as wall art. Enjoy!

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