Ready to meet the third blogger in my “Meet a Blogger” series?!


Today, I would like to introduce you to Shirley at Intelligent Domestications.

I met Shirley through blogging and I honestly haven’t met anyone friendlier than her. We were celebrating our bloggiversary together and decided to give each other a call to iron out some details and the rest is history. Shirley is not only a great blogger but a has become a great blogging buddy and friend as well. She truly is a sweetheart!

Meet a Blogger – Shirley at Intelligent Domestications


Q1 – Tell my readers about yourself and your blog

A1 –  Hi, I’m Shirley. I’m what my husband calls and ‘all-in’ kind of person. My Daddy called it ‘being a company man’. An old cliché says ‘a job worth doing is a job worth doing well’. I believe all three and it is my approach to blogging. I’m all in!
I like to blog about anything domestic and in my opinion, everything is domestic ultimately. My favorite topics include repurposing, family finance, Georgia living/travel, favorite family recipes, DIY, Sewing projects, crafts and more. I especially enjoy adding posts to our Hot Dog Tour which was an idea born from our love of hot dogs.

Q2 – Why did you get into blogging? What inspired you to blog?

A2 – I started my blog as a sort of therapy for myself after my Mother passed away. My niece lost her mother suddenly within a few days of my mother’s death. And then at the same time my niece gave birth to her second child 11 years after the first child. So within about a 3 week time frame we lost my Momma, my sister-in-law died suddenly at only 54 and we had a new baby in our family.
About 3 months after Momma passed, my favorite Uncle passed away and then a month later, I lost my job.
Blogging was therapy to me during a dark time. It has become quite a passion. I continue to blog because it gives me a sense of purpose. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Q3 – How long have you been blogging?

A3 – I started my blog in September of 2013, so almost 2 years ago. I’ve learned a LOT and have lots more to learn.


Q4 – What can readers look forward to seeing on your blog this year? What do you want to teach/share with your readers?

A4 – It is my intention to continue to grow my ‘Georgia’ page with lots of information and links to the many things Georgia has to offer.
I will continue my Happenings in Middle Georgia posts which are updated every two weeks and are growing in popularity.
I plan to add several more stops on the Hot Dog Tour, not all of which are in Ga.
There will be more sewing projects (I have good intentions), more home improvements to share, highlights of some bloggers I admire and follow, maybe some short stories which my family has encouraged me to write, maybe a home tour for the holidays, and of course recipes and crafts.


Q5 – What is your favorite post you’ve written?

A5 – My favorite post to write is entitled “The Truth About Our Age Difference” which is about my husband and myself. Who doesn’t like sharing their love story, right?!


Q6 – What is your blog’s most popular post?

A6 – The most popular post on my blog was actually written by a Guest blogger who is no longer blogging. The popularity is attributed to the title and a testament to the importance of SEO. It’s entitled “How to Have A Baby With Almost No Expenses The First Year” It’s amazing how many people search that phrase!
The most popular post which I wrote is entitled “Christmas Party Games” and is a busy page year around.

Q7 – What are some of your favorite blogs to read and why?

A7 – A few of my favorite bloggers include:

  • My Pinterventures because not only have Erlene and I become friends on opposite sides of the U.S. but Erlene is always willing to help out another blogger with free advice, which we all need while maneuvering the blogosphere.
  • Redo It Yourself Inspirations by a very talented Robin. I love viewing her projects and admiring her talents.
  • Barb at A Life in Balance because her energy is amazing. Barb offers sensible advice and ideas for parents and families, particularly the homeschooling family.
    There are more but I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out!

Q8 – Anything else you would like us to know?

A8 – I appreciate each and every person who takes the time out of their day to stop by my little corner of the internet and read, comment or share from my blog.

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  1. It was so nice to meet you, Shirley. I always enjoy learning about my fellow bloggers.I love the idea of the hot dog tour. Thanks for sharing a little of your story with us. Visiting from Merry Monday.

    1. Rebecca, thank you for those kind words. We love our hot dog tour! It makes us think of Momma since it was one of her favorite things to do and we get to taste all those great hot dogs!

  2. I love reading about bloggers and this interview was not exception! Thanks for sharing a little of the behind the scenes of blogging.

  3. Erlene, I just love and appreciate you so much. I would never have sought out my crafty side if not for you. When we worked together on our One Year Anniversary, I met so many other bloggers and became inspired by their talents as well. You are a pleasure to work with on Merry Monday! Thanks for all your hard work!