If you’re here because you need to find out how to remove wax from walls, I’m sorry. I know all too well that oh*#@! moment when wax is spilled onto a wall.

How to remove wax from walls

My wax on the wall dilemma started when I was cleaning out the medicine cabinet. While closing the cabinet, I knocked over the top of the wax warmer and ended up with a massive wax spill down the bathroom wall and on the floor…ugh!

How to Remove Wax from Walls

Now, I want to post a few disclaimers. Everyone’s wall paint is different. My walls have semi-gloss paint and it’s easy to wipe things off of it. If your walls are a light color or have a flat base paint, this may not work as well. Also, if the blow dryer is overheating or the walls are getting really hot, stop and let it everything cool down. Okay, let’s get to this wax off the walls!

What you’ll need:

  • blow dryer
  • paper towels

How to:

Blow dryer settings for removing wax off walls

Step 1. Turn the blow dryer onto the hottest and fastest blow setting. Place the blow dryer about an 1″ to 1 1/2″ away from the wax spill edge (work from edge to edge).

Step 2. Turn on the blow dryer and move it in a small circular motion. As soon as the wax begins to melt, shut off the blow dryer and wipe any melted wax with a paper napkin.

How to remove wax from walls -before/after

Step 3. Continue the above steps until all of the wax is removed from the wall. And that is how to remove wax from walls! Wasn’t that super easy?!

To make sure this never happens again, I switched to an essential oil diffuser, like the ones below⇓ Instead of wax, these diffusers use essential oils or a combo of oil and water to produce a scented mist.

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