De-junk the Pantry without Losing Quality or Flavor

Is your family resistant to switching to organic products due to fear of losing quality and flavor? It’s been an ongoing battle to convert my family to organic because we’ve had our fair share of flavor disappointments. So while my family isn’t strictly organic, I try to swap as many items as I can to organic when they’ll let me. Because let’s face it, natural ingredients are always better for our bodies. That’s why I decided to de-junk the pantry one more time and swap out a few of our pantry staples with Annie’s Homegrown organic products.
De-junk the Pantry without Losing Quality or Taste

My family was already familiar with Annie’s delicious macaroni and cheese, but I had no idea that Annie’s made so much more! Annie’s Homegrown has over 145 products available throughout the U.S. and Canada, which made it easy for me to find products to swap out without having to worry about losing flavor or taste.

Annie’s Homegrown Organic Cereals

Dejunk the Pantry with Annie's Homegrown Cereal

One of the first things I swapped out in our pantry was a few of our cereals. I replaced a few of our non-organic cereals with Annie’s Homegrown organic cereals – Cocoa Bunnies and Berry Bunnies. I’m not going to lie, changing out the cereals met with some resistance from my picky kids. However, I’m pleased to report that they all enjoyed the flavor of the new cereals and didn’t even miss the olds ones! As a matter of fact, my youngest even mentioned how she liked the taste of Annie’s Homegrown cereal better because they weren’t overly sweet. I like Annie’s Homegrown products because they’re made with goodness!

  • No artificial flavors, preservatives, or synthetic colors
  • no high-fructose corn syrup
  • certified organic
  • fair trade cocoa
  • flavored with real fruit & natural flavors
  • ingredients sourced in a sustainable manner

Annie’s Homegrown Organic Granola Bars

Dejunk the pantry with Annie's Homegrown Granola Bars

The second item to go when I dejunked the pantry was our old brand of granola bars with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. Annie’s Homegrown Organic Chocolate Chip Granola Bars are made with only wholesome ingredients. A win in my book and something I can feel good about adding to my kids’ lunch boxes. Oh, and I forgot to pick up Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies, but that will be another Annie’s lunch box add-in soon too!

BTW – Annie’s has a great lunch box inspiration page for tons of back to school lunch ideas.

Annie’s Homegrown Organic Macaroni and Cheese

De-junk the pantry with Annie's Homegrown Organic Macaroni and Cheese

Last, I restocked our pantry with a ‘must have’ staple, Annie’s Homegrown Organic Macaroni and Cheese. It makes the perfect after school snack and keeps my kids satisfied till dinner. Plus, on the days that my kids have soccer practice, I just need to add a small can of tuna and a bit more milk to the macaroni and cheese for an added boost of protein – easy peasy!

If you want to de-junk your pantry without giving up quality or flavor, give Annie’s products a try! Find out where to buy Annie’s products here by visiting Annie’s product page.

Which Annie’s Homegrown product(s) will you de-junk your pantry with?

Dejunk the Pantry with Annie's Homegrown

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  1. I have a membership at Thrive so I work hard on dejunking and switching brands. I was looking for Annie’s lentil soup the other day.