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Time for another cleaning & organization challenge! This week’s focus is on the bathroom, my least favorite place to clean in the entire house. Well, the garage is a close second, but in terms of gross factor, first place goes to the bathroom. Anyway, here is a FREE 30 Day Bathroom Cleaning & Organization Challenge printable and a few tips that will help get any bathroom nice and tidy!

30 Day Bathroom Cleaning & Organization Challenge

If you are just jumping in now, there are two other challenges that have already posted. You can find the other posts here ===>>> 30 Day Kitchen & Cleaning Challenge & 30 Day Living Room Cleaning & Organization Challenge.

Again, this challenge will be a self-paced 30 day cleaning and organization challenge. So work on tasks at your own pace, in any order, and only when you have the time to complete them. Save large time-consuming tasks for the weekends or when you have help. Finally, do what works for you and your home. If any of the ideas listed below don’t work for you, skip it and try something else. The only rule is to complete an entire room in 30 days. And since this is a bathroom challenge, this will include all your home’s bathrooms.

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips:

  • Grab a box or basket and place everything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom in it. These items should be removed from the bathroom. All items should have a home and put away in it’s proper place.
  • Have a bathroom cleaning kit with all your cleaning supplies at hand.
  • Use baskets to contain items and pop-up shelves to add vertical space under the sink. Yes, I know bottles stand on their own, BUT they ALWAYS fall over, so invest in some baskets or recycle some boxes.
  • Start from the top down. Cleaning the lights, walls, and any shelves or ledges first.
  • If family members are old enough to help, delegate some tasks.

Bathroom Cleaning Solutions:

Bathroom Organization Tips:

A Few of My Favorite Bathroom Tools:


30 Day Bathroom Cleaning & Organization Challenge

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  1. I really need to get a cleaning kit together. I hate when I need to clean something (like the bathroom) and can’t find my cleaners. Drives me batty! Thanks for the awesome ideas!