Are you ready to start the new year with a clean and organized home? I am! I don’t know what it is, but the beginning of a new year fills me with the need to clean and organize my home. And if you have the urge to clean your home too, I invite you to join me for a 2017 Kitchen Cleaning & Organization Challenge!

30 Day Kitchen Cleaning & Organization Challenge

Here are a few things to know about this challenge. First, instead of trying to complete an entire home in one to two months, each room will be given up to 30 days for a thorough cleaning AND organizing. I’ll be starting with the kitchen and posting a new room challenge every two weeks for those that finish early. Second, this challenge will be a self-paced cleaning and organization challenge. Why self-paced? Because cleaning and organizing can be stressful! So work on tasks at your own pace, in any order, and only when you have the time to complete them. Save large time-consuming tasks for the weekends or when you have help. Finally, do what works for you and your home. If any of the ideas listed below don’t work for you, skip it and try something else.

30 Day Kitchen Cleaning & Organizing

Below you will find the 30 Day Kitchen Cleaning & Organizing Printable, tips, product links, and links to the best kitchen cleaning and organizing ideas on the web.

30 Day Kitchen Cleaning & Organization Challenge

To use the checklist, pick a day to start the challenge and give yourself 30 days to complete all the tasks. For example, if you are starting on 1/14, you have until 2/14 to finish all this and any other challenge.

Things to Think About Before Starting…

  • Make a plan. Write down cabinets you want to rearrange or swap around. Buy or craft items needed to organize your kitchen (my favorites are listed below).
  • Cleaning experts suggest starting from the top down (I like to start with organizing before getting into to hardcore cleaning). Clean lights, cabinets, and anything high first. This way any dirt or dust that falls down won’t land on already cleaned items and can easily be swept up later.
  • Have one open area to place items that need to be organized.
  • Have cleaning supplies needed for the tasks.
  • If adding storage, think about buying plastic (see the baskets I use below) or glass because it’s easier to clean and wash off kitchen grime that accumulates on them.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

How to clean kitchen cabinetsHow to Clean the Tops of Greasy Kitchen Cabinets

Cleaning the microwave with DAWNCleaning the Microwave

How to clean the oven with 3 household ingredientsHow to Clean Your Oven with 3 Household Ingredients via The Kolb Corner

Kitchen Organization Ideas

10 Kitchen Organization Tricks

Kitchen Organization Tips: 10 Genius Tricks via Housewife HOW-TOS

How to organize the junk drawer

How to Conquer Your Junk Drawer for Good via Simply Stacie

My Favorite Items for Pantry/Kitchen Organization

Now, go and have fun in the kitchen…cleaning & organizing!

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  1. Kitchens are often the mainstay of a family home and, as a result, always seem to have something to clean up. I always hate having a dirty kitchen so it’s always the first place when I clean the house. Getting into a regular routine when cleaning your kitchen, will help make things faster and easier.

  2. Thanks for the checklist, it has been more than useful! The deep kitchen cleaning is something I fear every year, because the different appliances accumulate so much dirt and grease, that it’s impossible to clean them properly. I use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean the inside parts of every appliance, it works miracles because when the two ingredients mix, they start fizzing, and the baking soda itself is a good abrasive. Sometimes I also use lemon juice, it whitens surfaces, takes care of stains, and smells nicer than vinegar.

  3. Thank you for this lovely tips Erlene. Spring is a time for renewal and organization. Having a sparkling clean home reflects the many attributes of spring. One of the best places to begin spring cleaning is in the kitchen. A kitchen that is clean and in order promotes a healthy environment. The kitchen is probably the hardest to clean part of the house and the area that is in most need of keeping clean.

    Cheers then.