Magazine flower wreath

Recycled Magazine Flower Wreath Materials

  • scissors
  • magazine pages (craft paper, coffee filter, book pages, newspaper)
  • glue gun
  • wreath form (card board, foarm, wire)
  • felt
I hate to admit it, but it’s been a long time since I’ve really sat down and crafted. It wasn’t until I started seeing all the wonderful craft projects on Pinterest that I was sparked to craft again. I’ve been hanging on to tons of craft supplies that were literally just gathering dust. And you know what? I don’t know why I ever stopped. There’s nothing like creating that brings me so much personal joy and happiness.
One of the craft projects that inspired me were the many paper flower tutorials on Pinterest. Honestly, I’ve looked at so many tutorials and instructions, but thought that the one on SNAP! Creativity Blog (no longer running) had great pictures and clear instructions.

Magazine Flower Wreath Assembly

After reviewing the many different flower tutorials, I discovered that you can make them many different ways. Here is how I made mines…
 magazine flower wreath paper flowers
I chose to use a rounded square that was cut in a circular motion to make my roses. This makes the rose petal have more of a variation in the petal height.
Tip: Using a rounded square with a varied width between cut lines will produce a rose with more petal height variation(rose on left). Cutting the rose with more of an even space between the circular cut or out of a circle will produce a more flat and even rose(rose on right).  *These squares are approximately 5″x5″.
magazine wreath paper flowers
Rounded square(left) and even circle(right).
Now that I had all these pretty roses, it was time to turn them into something even more beautiful.
In order to attach the paper roses to my wire wreath, I needed to cover the wreath with some strips of magazine paper. Cut down the length of the magazine page in approximately 1/2″ strips. You don’t have to be exact, so just cut away.
Start wrapping the wire wreath with the strips of magazine paper and secure with dots of glue.
*You can use a solid foam wreath or even recycle some cardboard as the wreath base.
Take your paper covered wreath and place it on a piece of felt. Trace around your wreath and cut the shape out. This will be your backing of the wreath.
Glue the cut out felt piece to the back of the wreath. Since the wire wreath is domed, this will help stabilize the back and make it more durable.
You can choose to do your wreath in one color, but I chose to do a multi-color wreath. I started with the large roses and filling in with the medium/small roses.
I hope this inspired you to try making some paper flowers of your own.

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  1. This wreath is sooooooooooooooo pretty! What a great way to recyle a magazine! I’m pinning this to my Valentine’s Day Board. I love a good heart shaped wreath!

    Navy Wifey Peters