Welcome to the third annual 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop!

Welcome back to day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop! Today, is all about dollar crafts and I’m sharing easy reindeer ornaments from 99 Cents Only Kid Craft Kits!12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

Stop by every day from December first through the twelfth for new ideas you can use to make your season brighter! Check out the host Dollar Store projects and the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop ideas at the end of the post.

Easy Reindeer Ornaments

Easy Reindeer Ornaments

I’m a 99 Cents Only store ambassador, so I’m always in the stores poking around and finding lots of goodies. On my last visit, I found Christmas rhinestone stickers that I used to create Sticker Ornaments, but I also brought home a few ornament kits too! These easy reindeer ornaments come in a 99 cent kits and makes 5 ornaments!

Easy reindeer ornaments


  • reindeer ornament kit (from 99 Cents Only)
  • extra coloring pens
  • optional -craft glue
  • optional – faux snow
  • optional – mini buttons
  • optional – glitter

How to:

Easy Reindeer Ornaments

Really, there is no ‘how-to’ since it’s up to each individual on how to color and decorate their reindeer ornament. I used the three coloring pens included in the kit and a brown pen from my craft stash to color the reindeer. Then, I added faux snow and mini buttons on the antlers for extra detail.

Finished Easy Reindeer Ornaments

These easy reindeer ornaments are perfect for holiday parties or as Christmas project to keep the kids busy during school break.

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