Thank you to Tile, Inc., for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to keep track of everything that matters.

Want to know my secret to finding things that matter and seem to always get misplaced? I put a Tile on it!
Tile - How to find things that matter with the Tile #ad #TileItMeet one of our three family room sofas. They like to eat socks, pencils, candy wrappers, cell phones, and their all-time favorite, the television remote! And since our sofas have deep seats with removable cushions, EVERYTHING sinks in, especially the television remote. I hate that!

#TileIt - never lose a remote in the sofa again.

What is a Tile & How I Use It

But I don’t worry about losing the remote anymore. I’ve attached a Tile, the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker, to the back of our television remote. I no longer have to worry about tossing each pillow back, lifting every sofa seat, or digging into the sofa crevices to find the remote. Nope, no more daily (yes, daily) sofa digging for me!

Tile app in find mode

I know it may seem silly to care so much about a tv remote, but when I have limited time to relax and watch tv, the last thing I want to do is dig around for it. Now, when I can’t find the remote, I just use the Tile app on my phone and press the ‘find’ button. Then, I follow the ‘ringing’ sound to quickly pinpoint the location of the remote. I’ve even found the remote in an adjacent room!

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Use the tile on the remote to find the phone

Know what else is cool?! Since the tile is linked to my cell phone, I can double-tap the Tile on the remote to ring my phone and find that too! This is such a plus because I’m always misplacing my cell phone.

More Tile Features

Just in case you need more reasons to #TileIt…

  • No monthly service fees. You buy the Tile, download the app, sync the two and that’s it!
  • Super affordable with the basic Tile Mate (shown) starting at $25.
  • Keep the tile app running and it can remember the last place you had your item.
  • Harness the power of the largest lost-and-found community to help find lost items. All I need to do is ask for help through the app and other members can help me track down my lost item too! There are over 1,000 users in my area to help me find my lost item(s)!
  • Share Tiles with your Family when they have the Tile app. Perfect for shared items, like keys.
  • Various types to fit your needs: Sport, Style, Luggage, Slim, and even Tile adhesives.

More Things to Put a Tile On

While I love having the Tile on our tv remote, you may want to use it on other things. Things like…

  • cell phones (I definitely need one for my cell)
  • keys
  • wallets
  • tablets
  • backpacks/bags/purses
  • luggage
  • toys
  • cameras
  • lunch boxes
  • glasses case
  • craft scissors (If you’re a crafter with kids, you’ll understand)

So what are you waiting for? Join the #TileIt community because “together we find”!

Will you be joining the #TileIt Community?

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  1. I ordered myself a Tile the other day because I’m ALWAYS losing my keys! I’m sure I spend more time looking for them than I do actually unlocking things with them. LOL

    Louise x

  2. It’s about time something like this exist! How handy for someone like me who’s constantly misplacing things. My only complaint would be that it’s a little sizey. They ought to make a smaller version that’s less invasive. I love the idea though!

  3. I never realized how often I lost my phone until I was living alone. When you don’t have anyone else around to call you it gets annoying to lose your phone 3x a day! I need to get a few tiles for my phone and the ‘mote’ that my kids keep losing

  4. We could definitely use a bunch of these around here. My MOm, well she could and probably should tile everything. We could tile all of the tech gadgets,

  5. My kids needs this for so many things from coats to 3DS and of course their cell phones! We have a toddler that makes life so much harder as she is non-verbal and LOVES to take things and hide them. These would help so much with at least finding where ever she moves her new stash of others belongings! LOL

  6. I’ve seen these around but never thought twice about how helpful they could be until now! I’m the kind of person who’s been known to go searching for their sunglasses while wearing them- I can only imagine how many times Tile would be a total lifesaver for me!