Need a Father’s Day gift basket idea? This Lottery Ticket Bouquet is a fun Father’s Day gift basket made with candy bags, various lottery scratchcards, and lottery tickets.

Father's Day Lottery ticket bouquet
Lottery ticket bouquet
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Ok, a lottery ticket bouquet or lottery ticket gift basket is a great gift for any occasion. This candy bouquet with lottery tickets is the perfect gift for any person who likes to head to Las Vegas, plays at the local casinos, enjoys the local lottery, or plays scratchers.

Note: This particular lottery ticket bouquet is geared towards creating a candy bouquet using sugar-free candies for a diabetic. This candy bouquet can be made with candy boxes, but because the majority of the sugar-free candy came in bags, that is what this tutorial will be focused on using.

Lottery Ticket Bouquet Supplies

Lottery ticket candy basket supplies.
  • Various candy boxes or bags – For this lottery ticket bouquet, I used bags of sugar-free candies for diabetics. Of course, you can use any type of candy of your choosing. I will say that making a bouquet base with boxes is much easier than making it with candy bags as shown in this tutorial. For this lottery ticket bouquet, I used 2 Jolly Rancher bags, 4 Russel Stover candy bags, and 3 Werther’s candy bags.
  • Various lottery tickets and scratchcards – Use any type of scratchcards or lottery tickets. If you prefer to skip the candy, only attach scratchcards to the skewers to create a full scratchcard bouquet with a box base.
  • Wooden skewers – These will be the ‘stems’ for the candy bags.
  • Foam blocks – Will create the base for the bouquet and are needed to support the wooden skewers.
  • Packing tape – Use to tape candy bags/boxes together.
  • Ribbon – Optional to tie around the base of the lottery ticket bouquet. I used a thin 1/4″ ribbon, but you can use a thicker ribbon.
  • Tulle ribbon or tissue paper – Use to fill in the base of the bouquet. Choose the colors to match the candy boxes or bags.
  • Scissors – Use to cut ribbon and tape.
  • Ruler – Optional to measure ribbon length or just eyeball the measurement.
  • Craft Saw – Optional to cut foam blocks if needed.

How to Make a Lottery Ticket Bouquet – Father’s Day Gift Basket

Prepping lottery ticket stems
Preparing lottery ticket candy stems.

Step 1. Tape skewers onto the back of at least 4 candy bags or boxes. If needed, make the bags into a smaller size by taping them down in the back. Tip: Fold down or tuck the folded bag corners down so it won’t be seen from the front. Once the bags/boxes are taped to the skewers, tape the edges of the scratchers or lottery ticket onto the front of the candy bags.

Note: If you want to skip the candy, just attach scratchcards to the skewers.

Tape candy bags together
Tape candy bags together to create a base for the lottery ticket bouquet.

Step 2. Tape togethers edges of candy bags, making sure to line up the bottoms of the bags. If the bag has a pressed thin bottom edge (see image), fold it up and tape. This will help create a more stable base. If you’re using boxes, make sure the bottoms of the boxes are level.

Create tape base
Add tape to bottom of the candy bags.

Step 3. Turn the candy bags upside down. Add tape to the bottom of the cady bags in a cross pattern. This will create the bottom of the lottery ticket bouquet that the foam block will rest on.

Tape foam blocks together.

Step 4. Tape foam blocks together to form a 4″ x 4″ x 6″ base for the lottery ticket bouquet. Make sure the blocks are tightly taped together to create a stable base for the lottery ticket candy skewers. Note: The size of the foam base will depend on the size of the candy bags or boxes used for the candy bouquet base. Adjust the size accordingly. Tip: Make sure the foam insert has a snug fit or it will shift and tilt with the weight of the candy skewers.

Candy skewers positions
Angle placement of lottery ticket candy bag skewers.
Placement of the candy skewers.

Step 5. Insert prepared lottery ticket candy bag skewers into the foam base. One is placed in the front and one in the back, straight into the foam block. Next, one is placed in the center between the front and back candy bags. Then, two candy bag skewers are placed in the middle at an angle. See the above image for reference.

Add Wether's candy between candy skewers
Place candy bags between middle candy bag skewers.

Step 6. Take two Wether’s candy bags and stuff them between the middle candy bag skewers. No need to add skewers to these.

Step 7. Measure out about 6″ – 8″ of tulle and fold in half. Stuff this between the candy bags to hide the foam. For this gift bouquet, I used two different colors of tulle to fill between the candy bag skewers and camouflauge the foam base.

Insert lottery tickets
Insert lottery tickets between candy bags.

Step 8. Slide in some extra lottery tickets between the candy bags.

Finished lottery ticket bouquet
Completed lottery ticket bouquet with bow.

Step 9. Optional – tie a bow around the bottom candy base. Now, the lottery ticket bouquet is complete and ready to be gifted!

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