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Are you struggling with keeping your blood sugar levels on track? If you’ve been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes, the daily struggle is real, but here are a few simple changes to help keep blood sugar levels on track.

Simple changes to help keep blood sugar levels on track

Diabetes Diagnosis

A few years ago, my husband and I were diagnosed with diabetes. Was it a shock? Well, yes and no. You see, both of us had been feeling tired, sluggish, and lacked focus, so I knew something wasn’t right. I thought maybe a vitamin deficiency or not enough physical activity was the cause, but when I actually heard those words from the doctor, “You have diabetes.”, it was a bit overwhelming.

After Diabetes Diagnosis

So now what do I do? I have diabetes and need to take medication, but what else can I do?

After talking to my doctor, I knew one of the most important things to do was keep my blood sugar levels steady. Meaning, that I not only needed to change the types of meals I was eating, I also needed to change the kinds of between meal snacks I ate. No more carb heavy or sugary snacks that could spike my blood sugar levels and then come crashing down. I needed to make smarter choices to manage my blood sugar.

Of course, the obvious way for me to maintain a healthy blood sugar level is not to eat foods high in processed sugars or too many empty carbs. Ugh, but what is a carb lover to do?! I love chips, bread, crackers, and all the things I’m supposed to avoid! Then there was my husband, who loved all the sweet stuff…ice cream, soda, juice, and more.

Simple Changes to Help Keep Blood Sugar Levels on Track*

Glucerna shake in hand

Glucerna. Adding Glucerna shakes to our meal choices has helped us avoid blood sugar spikes and the awful crashes that left us sluggish. Glucerna shakes are the only shakes that have CARBSTEADY®, a slow release carbohydrates to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which makes it a great meal replacement or snack choice. Plus, Glucerna is only 180 calories and comes in 4 delicious flavors: classic butter pecan, rich chocolate, creamy strawberry, and homemade vanilla. So when I’m tempted to grab a sugary muffin, candy bar, or fatty drive-through burger, I drink a Glucerna shake instead.

Nuts. If you aren’t allergic, nuts in moderation are a good protein source and can be beneficial to the heart when combined with a well-balanced diet. Nuts can be a good substitute for high saturated foods, like eggs and cheese.

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables. Stocking the fridge with vegetables that we can grab for quick snacks has helped us avoid sugary snacks. Vegetables contain lots of vitamins and nutrients our body needs without all the bad sugar and carbs. Baby carrots, celery, and broccoli are some of the favorites we like to dip into hummus.

Fruits. Substituting fresh fruits for processed sugary items has been a good choice for us, especially my sugar loving husband. In moderation, fruits can help satisfy sugar cravings and can provide fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins not found in processed sweets.

beans and crackers

Whole Grains. I’m a carb lover, so the thought of not having bread, pasta,or rice made me sad. Thankfully, switching to whole grain pastas, breads, and brown rice has been approved by my doctor. Of course, this is in moderation as whole grain carbs and brown rice can cause spikes in my blood sugar.

Legumes. I didn’t eat a lot of legumes growing up, so we’ve been incorporating more of it into our diet. Legumes like chickpeas (hummus dip), kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans, peas, and more are being regularly used in our daily meals, like my Portuguese Bean Soup or Pork and Peas recipes.

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Small Changes & Good Choices 

Me and Glucerna

Although it can be a challenge to live with diabetes, making small changes and good choices has definitely helped me manage my blood sugar. Making better daily food choices and incorporating Glucerna shakes into my diet has made a huge difference in how I feel.

Glucerna shake and almonds

For example, instead of skipping breakfast, I replace it with a Glucerna shake and almonds. Then, when I’m on-the-go, I can pop a bottle of Glucerna and whole wheat crackers in my bag for a quick pick-me-up or meal replacement. This way, I can better manage my sugar spikes and the dreaded sluggish feeling of when the sugar levels drop.

Glucerna shakes on Walmart shelf

If you would like to incorporate Glucerna shakes, now with 30% less sugar and carbs, into your diabetic diet, head to your local Walmart’s Pharmacy section. Try it and see how Glucerna’s CARBSTEADY® slow digestible carbohydrates can help you minimize blood sugar spikes.

*As every diabetic case is different, please be sure to discuss any dietary changes and meal/recipe plans with your healthcare provider.

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  1. I have to check out Glucerna again. I tried it years back and did not like the taste. But with its overall health benefits and its ability to help with blood sugar spikes, it is worth checking on it again. I liked that you included fruit in your list of foods to eat. Some nutritionists say to avoid it as it has carbs. The ADA says fruit is good and necessary for overall good health so it was good you included it.

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