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Who says only the Easter bunny can come and play during spring? Change things up and create a fun Easter Mermaid Tablescape using gold accents, starfish, and iridescent pieces!

I kept this Easter Mermaid Tablescape super easy. This no fuss tablescape has virtually no crafting and almost everything is pretty much just placed as-is when unwrapped. Of course, this table setting could also be used for any mermaid or beach themed party.


To create the setting, iridescent plates and my existing white plates were layered over a gold charger. Then, gold utensils were wrapped in an iridescent napkin and placed in a gold napkin ring with a sea shell egg glued on it (this is the only crafting for the entire table).


To add some Easter color and to blend with my existing tropical decor, I added a pink and black gossamer as a table runner. Then, I added various tropical leaves over it.

For the main centerpiece, a sea shell punch bowl was filled with bulk pink eggs, sea shell eggs, Glitter Fantasy Toy-Filled eggs, white star fish, and existing large gold eggs. Super simple and easy!

Fun tip: Fill the eggs with questions and a few with money or other fun prizes. Each person picks eggs from the bowl to answer during the family meal with suprise money eggs!

To add some height variation to the table, large and small cylinder jars filled with iridescent metallic shred, bulk pink eggs , White Hershey’s Kisses, and Glitter Fantasy Toy-Filled eggs were placed on the sides of the large sea shell punch bowl. For more interest, gold-flecked mercury votives, more bulk pink eggs, and star fish were scattered down the center of the table.


Presenting food in a creative way can make even the simpliest food look fancy. This breakfast buffet uses a chocolate fountain for fruit dipping, clear donut serving stands for bagels, and large storage jars for treats.

Tip: Pancakes and waffles go great with the chocolate fountain too.

Like the table, adding things at different heights creates more interest. To help elevate some of the items, I used existing dishes and unfinished crates (these can be painted if you like).

I hope you enjoyed this super easy Easter Mermaid Tablescape set up with items from Oriental Trading. It’s perfect for a tropical or beachy Easter vibe and something a little different from the conventional Easter decor.

Here’s a cute Mermaid party favor that I posted on Instagram. All the items can be found on Oriental Trading.

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