Clear Plastic Ornament Makeover - Glitter Gingerbread Ornaments

Love creating homemade ornaments for your tree? Here’s an easy tutorial for Glitter Gingerbread Ornaments that anyone can make!DIY Glitter Gingerbread Ornaments craft tutorial - gingerbread girl, boy, and reindeer

If you’ve been following along, you’ve already seen my other gingerbread themed posts: Santa Gingerbread Man Wreath, Baking Soda Gingerbread Ornaments, and Gingerbread Christmas Tree. I guess you could say I have gingerbread on the brain, so I’m here to share my version of glitter ornaments

Glitter Gingerbread Ornaments


  • clear round disc ornaments (choose your size preference)
  • Glitter-It! Glue
  • fine glitter
  • permanent markers or paint pens- black, red, pink, and white (last two colors optional)
  • 3D paint, glass paint, or puff paint
  • 1″ plaid ribbon for gingerbread ornaments
  • hot glue/glue gun
  • brown pipe cleaner for reindeer ornaments


DIY Glitter Gingerbread Ornaments

  • Remove the caps from ornaments.
  • Pour Glitter-It! glue into the one ornament at a time. Cover the top of the ornament with your finger and roll glue to cover the entire inside. Pour out excess back into the glue bottle.
  • Pour fine brown or a mix of brown/orange glitter into the ornament. Roll around to cover the entire inside. Pour out excess. Let dry for a few hours.
  • Add a bit of glue to the inside of the ornament topper and replace it on the ornament.

DIY Glitter Gingerbread Ornaments glitter

  • Gingerbread boy – use white glass paint to add hair to the top of the ornament.
  • Gingerbread girl & reindeer – use white glass paint and add lines around the outside edge of the ornament.
  • Sprinkle fine white glitter on wet paint. Shake off excess. Let dry.

DIY Glitter Gingerbread Ornaments faces

This is where you want to get creative and create your own animated faces for each ornament.

  • Use Sharpie pens or paint pens to draw faces on each ornament. Add lashes to the girl and reindeer ornaments. Stop here and skip to adding bows/antlers or continue on.
  • Optional – Trace over the Sharpie lines with puff paint to create a 3D effect. Let dry. Use white paint pen or white puff paint to add highlights to eyes. Let dry.

DIY Glitter Gingerbread Ornaments with bows

  • Make a 1 1/2″ to 2″ bow. Add the bow to the girl and boy ornament.
  • Use one brown pipe cleaner and wrap around the top of the ornament. Bend to create the antler shape.

Now all you need to do is hang your new Glitter Gingerbread Ornaments on your tree!

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