Who doesn’t like cupcakes? These carrot patch cupcakes are a great addition to any spring or Easter table spread.

How to make carrot patch cupcakes.

My love for cupcakes never ends, so I was excited to try this carrot-themed recipe. It’s by no means a new one—you’ve probably seen recipes for them online before—but it is the first time that I have made these beauties and wanted to share how easy they are!

How to Make Carrot Patch Cupcakes


  • Boxed cake mix + additional box ingredients needed – I used a chocolate cake mix or use your own favorite cupcake recipe
  • Oreo, chocolate wafers, or use leftover cupcake crumble
  • Store-bought cream cheese frosting
  • Green food coloring
  • Strawberries
  • orange candy meltables

Kitchen Items

  • cupcake liners – I used green to mimic the color of grass, but use whatever color you like
  • muffin/cupcake baking pan – to bake cupcakes
  • grass tip nozzle/frosting bag – to decorate carrot patch cupcakes
  • microwave safe mixing bowls – to microwave candy melts
  • mixing spoon – to mix candy melts and cake mix batter
  • skewers – for strawberry dipping
  • colander – wash strawberries
  • microwave – melt candy melts
  • plastic bag or food processor – ground Oreo or chocolate wafers
  • cake pop stand or styrofoam – for dipped strawberries
  • paper towels or towel – dry off strawberries
  • optional – cupcake corer, small spoon, or other small type of cutter
  • optional – baking sheet if laying strawberries flat
  • optional – parchment paper to line baking sheet for flat laying strawberries


Bake and core carrot patch cupcakes

Step 1. Bake cupcakes according to the package directions or use your favorite cupcake recipe. Set aside and let the cupcakes cool. Optional – to make the ‘carrots’ look like they are growing from the cupcake, core the centers using a cupcake corer, a small spoon, or a small vegetable shape cutter. I used a small flower vegetable cutter and pushed it halfway down into the cupcake, twisted it, and lifted it to remove the centers. Note: You can choose to skip coring the centers and just lay the carrot strawberries on top of the cupcakes.

Tip: I used crushed Oreo for the ‘dirt’ on the cupcake, but the cored cupcake pieces can be finely crumbled and used.

Prepping strawberries for carrot patch 

Step 2. Wash and dry strawberries. Strawberries should be completely dry or the candy melts won’t adhere. If using a cake pop stand or styrofoam, poke skewers through the top of the strawberries without going all the way through. Set aside. If laying strawberries flat on top of the cupcakes, skip the skewers and prep a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Dipping strawberries into orange meltables for carrot patch cupcakes.

Step 3. Melt orange candy melts according to the package directions. Take the prepped strawberries and hold them tightly near the base of the leaves (this helps the strawberries from freely twisting when dipping). Dip and roll in melted orange melts until the strawberry is fully coated with a thin layer of orange candy melt.

If using skewers, place them into a cake pop stand/styrofoam. If laying flat, place dipped strawberries onto the prepped baking sheet. Then, wait till the orange shells harden. Tip: place in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to speed up the hardening process.

Making green frosting for carrot patch cupcakes

Step 4. While the dipped strawberries are hardening, prep the frosting bag with the grass tip nozzle. Set aside and color the frosting. I used about half of a container of store-bought cream cheese frosting and 2-3 drops of green food gel to color it. Place the frosting into the prepped frosting bag.

Frosting carrot patch cupcakes with grass nozzle tip.

Step 5. Place the strawberry carrots into the cored cupcakes and pipe ‘grass’ to cover any exposed cupcake.

Adding crushed Oreos to top of carrot patch cupcakes to mimic dirt.

Step 6. Crush Oreo cookies, chocolate wafers, or crumble cored cupcake pieces to mimic dirt. Use a small spoon and gently sprinkle the crushed cookies around the base of the carrot strawberries.

Carrot patch cupcakes on white plate.

Step 7: If serving right away, place cupcakes on a serving platter or store up to 2 days in an airtight container in the fridge.

Can Carrot Patch Cupcakes Be Made Ahead of Time?

Yes, carrot patch cupcakes can be made up to 1 – 2 days before an event. Note: Some of the moisture from the strawberries may come up through the skewer hole. If this happens, pat dry before serving. Tip: Use freshly bought strawberries when making ahead and storing them to ensure the best outcome.

How to Store and Keep?

Always store these carrot patch cupcakes in an airtight container in the fridge to preserve the strawberries and frosting.

Easy carrot patch cupcakes slider.

Easy Carrot Patch Cupcakes is such a fun Easter dessert idea and I hope you give it try. For more spring and Easter ideas, make sure to check out the links below.

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