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Earlier this month, I shared a tutorial on How to Make a Gingerbread Man Wreath and how to make your own Baking Soda Gingerbread Ornaments. And today, I’m keeping with the gingerbread man theme and sharing – 3 steps to a Fun Gingerbread Christmas Tree.

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

I think I’ve mentioned that my youngest daughter has had Christmas tree decorating on her mind since October. She has asked permission to put up her tree every week since then, but it just seemed too early. But now that Thanksgiving has finally passed, I thought it was about time to decorate her 4-foot tree with our handmade gingerbread ornaments and Oriental Trading ornaments.

3 Easy Steps to a Fun Gingerbread Christmas Tree

This year, my daughter opted for a gingerbread themed tree, but these 3 easy steps would work for any Christmas tree.

1) Pick out ornaments 

Oriental Trading Ornaments

Since my daughter wanted a gingerbread tree, she picked out a two 15pc. gingerbread ornaments from Oriental Trading, 2 boxes of large candy canes, and a set of round green/red ornaments to supplement our handmade ornaments. The scale of the ornaments were perfect for a small Christmas tree and the colors matched a plaid ribbon we already had, so it seemed meant to be.

2) Wrap the tree

Gingerbread Christmas Tree ribbonThere are tons of items to use as a garland, but using ribbon is an easy way to change the look of a tree without spending a lot of money. Ribbon comes in a variety of patterns, textures, and types that make the possibilities endless.

I like to use at least two different widths of ribbon to wrap the tree. Using different widths of ribbon allows for two different colors and adds visual interest too. I use the wider ribbon to wrap the tree and the smaller one to tie the wide ribbon onto the tree.

3) Add decorations

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Ornaments

The last step to a fun gingerbread Christmas tree are the decorations!

  • For visual impact and to help fill space on a tree, use large flowers like poinsettias.
  • Add gingerbread ornaments, ball ornaments, and candy canes.

Now step back and enjoy your gingerbread Christmas tree!

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Do you have a Christmas tree theme? Tell me below how you like to decorate your tree.

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