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Well, remember in September I showed you a Beach in a Glass Coastal ornament tutorial? I WAS planning on a coastal Christmas, but my kids have once again voted against anything that doesn’t scream  the holiday season. So I had to put my thinking cap on and came up with a new way to incorporate our traditional red, green, and gold colors with a twist – a gingerbread theme! And to kick off our new holiday theme, I’m sharing this super easy and inexpensive Santa Gingerbread Man Wreath.

Santa Gingerbread Man Wreath

Santa Gingerbread man Supplies



Santa Gingerbread Man Wreath wrapping

Place the wreath* on the craft paper. Begin folding the paper over the form and gluing it down (use glue sparingly as it may show through the paper). Keep the sides around the wreath form as smooth as possible.

*The wreath I used is an old wreath wrapped with fabric. It is not necessary to do this.

Santa Gingerbread man hat

Add a small amount of crumpled paper inside the hat. Position the hat at an angle and pin to the wreath. Depending on how you are hanging the wreath, glue or pin ribbon to the back of the wreath. Test hang to see if the wreath dips too much to one side and adjust the hat’s position so the wreath hangs straight. Skip adding the ribbon to the back if you are using a wreath hook.

Santa gingerbread man wreath face

Lightly trace a gingerbread man face onto the wreath – I used quarters for the eyes. Use a white paint pen or brush over your outline. Apply lipstick or cream rouge in a circular motion for the cheeks. Last, create a bow and glue it to the bottom of the wreath and hang!

Stay tuned for our mini Gingerbread Christmas tree! And see how easy it was to decorate it using Oriental Trading ornaments.

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  1. He is the cutest Christmas wreath ever! I would never guessed you used paper, It looks like fabric in the picture. I just love his plaid bow tie too!
    Our Christmas theme will probably be red, and green. That’s a theme, right?