Boho Seashell Bottle

Welcome! I’m excited to share the second recycled seashell bottle with you. This bottle recylce is super easy and quick. I promise you can do this craft project in less than a few hours from start to finish. The hardest part of this whole craft will be taking off the bottle label and then it’s smooth sailing from there.

Boho Seashell Bottle 2


  • glass wine bottle
  • cork
  • twine
  • hot glue sticks/glue gun
  • lace ribbon
  • satin ribbon (2 or more colors)
  • three or more seashells (try to buy the ones with holes drilled in them or drill them yourself. Hobby Lobby sells them in a large basket)
  • Exacto knife

Putting it together:

Tie twine around seashell bottle neck


The first thing you want to do is remove the label off of the wine bottle. I place the bottle in a Ziplock bag with a small amount of ammonia* for about 30 minutes. When the glue and label are softened, scrub off with a scrubber sponge.

Once the label is removed, rinse and dry the bottle off. Then tie twine around the bottle neck, making sure to leave some room to loop ribbon  around it.

*The ammonia will give off strong vapors, so make sure you are in a well-ventilated area.

Loops around seashell bottle

Cut twine in your desired length and loop around the twine at the bottle neck.

Tie seashell on twine

Tie a shell to each end of the twine.

Ribbon and lace tied onto the seashell bottle

Cut ribbon and lace to your desired length. Loop the ribbon and lace around the bottle neck twine until you get the fullness you like.Seashell topper

If the cork expands and you can’t get it back into the bottle top, trim the lower half with an Exacto knife. For stability, you’ll want at least half of the cork to fit back into the bottle top. Take a flat back shell and glue onto the portion of the cork that is sticking out of the bottle.

Wrap twine around cork

This part is optional and will depend on the type of shell you glue to the cork. I wanted to add more detail to the cork top, so I glued twine to the back of the cork and wrapped it around to cover the bottom of the seashell.

Boho Seashell Bottle


Once the cork top is done, you’ve completed the Boho Seashell Bottle! I think it took me under an hour, not including removal of the label, to get the bottle completed.

What’s your favorite way to reuse old glass bottles?


Here’s more recycled glass bottle inspiration.

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  1. So pretty! I was going to pick a favorite bottle to comment on, but I like all three! My little girl is into mermaids and these bottles look like something you would find on a mermaid’s dresser, not that mermaids have clothes and need a dresser. Ok, a mermaid’s shelf. 🙂 Beautiful job!

  2. Very nice Erlene! I can see it filled with sand or bath salts. 🙂

    OR, filled with a message for a date night on the beach/pool. 🙂