I’m all about easy and inexpensive crafts. So today, I’m sharing how to spray paint a wreath for a quick and easy wreath update.

How to spray paint a wreath for Halloween.

Before I get to the tutorial, this is a picture of the wreath before spray painting. I found this wreath in the end-of-season clearance section at JoAnn craft store. Not only was it on sale, I also received another 50% off because it was slightly damaged…score!

Tip: Take advantage of end-of-season wreath sales. Check your local discount stores and home stores too. At Home stores has an entire end-of-season section for up to 75% off. I picked up another wreath for about $12 that I’ll be updating for fall. I prefer buying end-of-season wreaths because it’s already decorated and I don’t have to worry about buying florals or putting together a wreath.

unpainted summer wreath

Why Spray Paint a Wreath?

If you’re looking for a way to update an old wreath or even a new one, spray painting is a good option to change the look into something new. Not only is spray painting easy, you can pick any paint color to match your home decor and style. There is also no need to worry about buying multiple floral picks for updating. And if you are buying a new end-of-season wreath, you can invest in a good quality wreath for less and change the color…just pick a paint color and spray away!

How to Spray Paint a Wreath


  • Wreath – Use any wreath you want to update with paint. The wreath I used is a large 26″ full floral wreath.
  • Spray Paint – 1 to 2 cans of spray paint. I used a matte black color.
  • Gloves & Mask – Needed to protect your hands and lungs from spray paint. Note: Make sure to spray paint outside or in a well ventilated area.
  • Chopstick or stick – To help lift leaves and floral items on the wreath.
  • OptionalClear acrylic UV protectant spray if you are planning to place the wreath outside in the sun.

How to Spray Paint a Wreath Video

Please watch this video to see how easy it is to update a wreath with spray paint. This is a Halloween wreath, so I painted it black. I also added red floral picks, but I could have left it all black.

I hope you enjoyed the video tutorial on how to spray paint a wreath. I love how a can of black paint quickly updated a damaged summer wreath and turned it into a new Halloween decoration.

How to Spray Paint a Wreath closeup of black wreath.

If you try spray painting a wreath, let me know how yours turned out in the comments OR tag me on Instagram @mypinterevntures with a picture of your wreath.

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